Secrets, Lies and Vegas

Pamela L. Todd
Secrets, Lies and Vegas
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Totally Bound
Release Date
April 2015
Book 1 of Beautiful Sinners
Contemporary Romance

All she wanted was one night. One night to feel something. She would never see him again. No one had to know.

During a girls' weekend in Las Vegas, Marley Jacobs makes the risky decision to let go of the stress of her reality and enjoy life, even if it's just for one night. Green-eyed and gorgeous Blake Hamilton opens her eyes to all the pleasures Vegas has to offer and allows her to experience something other than the desperate suffocation she has grown accustomed to. When she returns home to New York and the shackles which await her, she has to forget about Blake, and how he made her feel more alive in one night than she ever has in her entire life.

Marley never thought she would see Blake again, but a moment of kismet throws them back together. It doesn't take Marley long to realize that the burning desire for Blake didn't come from the dry heat of the desert. The passion Marley has for Blake is dizzying and without warning, intimacy creeps in.

Falling for Blake isn't part of Marley's plan. She knows exactly how her life is supposed to be and she cannot afford to be distracted by him or his green eyes. The only problem is, for someone she isn't supposed to be with, he seems to fit perfectly within her heart.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Dec 21, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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5 holy shit, I-hate-you-so-much-for-making-me-bawl-my-eyes-out-Ms.-Todd stars for this insanely intimate, gorgeous and heart crushing read.

Marley Jacobs had zero desire to visit Vegas, but heading there on a girls' trip opened her eyes to the surreal beauty of the city. When she meets hotel VP Blake Hamilton, she's in awe of his good looks, powerful personality and sweet demeanor. The two spend a blissful, erotic night together before Marley has to head back home to NYC…and her fiancé. Even though she doesn't really even LIKE her fiancé Theo, she feels obligated to marry him, and when Blake, Theo's best man, shows up in NYC, Marley should be mortified. But she's not, she's ecstatic. The two spend all of their time together, soon becoming lovers once again. Marley falls head over heels for Blake, but she's still resigned to marry Theo. But secrets and lies are always revealed. Will any of them escape with their hearts intact?

OMG y'all, SECRETS, LIES AND VEGAS was freakin' incredible! It was sexy and scandalous, with a bit of humor and some heart crushing scenes in there for good measure. I started off reading book 2 in the Beautiful Sinners series, Secrets, Lies and Imperfections and loved it so much I had to pick up the first one. Marley and Blake's connection was palpable, and even though I LOATHE cheating storylines, SECRETS, LIES AND VEGAS didn't make me feel the usual nausea and disgust. Except toward Theo, the asshat. You couldn't help but root for Marley to wake the hell up and realize that Blake was the man for her, and that her fiancé was the biggest douchenozzle on the planet!! I adored her and Blake together, and of course the two get their HEA (but don't think that's the end of their story, as book 2 reveals some more coupledom horror even though they're not the primary storyline). And the section of the book dealing with Marley's family? You may never be the same, for real.

The heart in your throat feeling you'll get reading SECRETS, LIES AND VEGAS is so intense that you'll feel every stab of pain and throb of wild pleasure that Marley goes through. Told from her POV, this is one gorgeously written and edited piece of work. But beware, you may need a secondary reading device on hand once you throw your ereader at the wall in anger!!

Bottom Line: One of the best books of the year for me. It has everything that will give you the feels: sex, drama, lies, humor, sorrow and disgust. It'll take me a while to get over this one, and I'll be reading book 2 again now that I have this crazy insight into Marley and Blake's world.
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