Hunter - Double Feature

C. Marie Bowen
Hunter - Double Feature

Prairie Rose Publication
Release Date
January 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

Cajun drifter Hunter, a man with no last name, is a jack-of-all-trades, but his abilities to track down criminals using his "unusual" means make him one of the most successful bounty hunters in the business.

HUNTER'S GAMBLE – It's a gamble. With no way to track William Lowe's missing family, Hunter intends to use spirit magic through his pendulum. Even though his Cajun upbringing fosters respect for his "special talents", this is a risk he's never taken. But an unearthly specter shadows William, and after hearing his desperate story, Hunter is convinced he has to try.

HUNTER AND LILY GRAHAM – Hunter hopes to beat the winter storms south and be safely aboard a riverboat before the Kansas snow began to fly. Instead, the voices in his head send him east toward Wichita, with no hint at what he will find. A beautiful woman needs help desperately, but she wears an aura of death. Life as a bounty hunter has taught Hunter never to ignore a warning, and experience at dodging danger has kept him alive—so far...


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