Rainbow Reader "Black: Secrets"

Adam Stevens
Rainbow Reader


Equal Hearts Publishing House, Plc.
Release Date
October 2015
Book 9 of Rainbow Reader Series

Rainbow Reader Black:

Fiction is a lie, but there is truth behind every lie.

Georgie's 30 year journey spans the entire Rainbow Reader series and can be read in any order. However, for readers interested in following the timeline in complete continuity, the proper reading order for the series begins with the unpublished, "Pink: The Secret Manuscript," and continues directly into "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple."

The timeline continues quite chronologically into the three "Moments in Time" novels.

Following the three "Moments in Time" novels, the story and timeline then continues to spin off different characters' timelines in order to give the reader an all-encompassing, comprehensive and truly relative reading experience about the characters' lives as they all develop individually.

The Rainbow Reader series begins again after the three novels with "White: Educating Hayden," "Gray: Surrender," "Black: Secrets," "Brown: Reconnect," and the final Rainbow Reader, "Silver & Gold: True Love's Kiss."

"Black: Secrets" features Ian continuing his journey from his last adventures in "The Rainbow Reader Gray: Surrender." Everybody has secrets. Follow Ian as he reveals his secrets, and helps others to do the same. Ian discovers several battered, abused and neglected gay teens that have escaped the social welfare system, and are forced to live on the streets in less than desirable environments. Ian is impassioned with the hope of saving all of them from a most uncertain tragedy, but is limited by challenges that may overcome his resources, unless he gets help. He is only one man. He is not a super hero and can't save the world by himself. Ian's mysterious elegance of secrets is absorbing the negative energy around him. What is Ian's secret?

There's no better fiction than the truth.

Enjoy the ninth in the Rainbow Reader Series, "Black: Secrets."


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