Moments In Time Series Bundle

Adam Stevens
Moments In Time Series Bundle


Equal Hearts Publishing House, Plc.
Release Date
July 2015

Moments In Time Series Bundle
The "Moments In Time" Series Bundle includes a collection of three novels bundled together for your reading enjoyment.
Moments In Time: It is never too late to start over
Each chapter is a continuing chronological examination of brief moments in time that have shaped and developed Georgie, culminating into a circular and repeating series of events revolving around sexual discovery, the search for love, and the loss associated with love, and allowing yourself to deviate from the path set before us.
We begin with Georgie ready to commit suicide. He was in so much pain, and causing pain for so many, the easiest way to end that pain was to end his life. After just awaking from a dream that outlined his purpose, and provided a path to follow, he meets Warren, and everything seems to fall into place with someone to walk that path with.
Moments In Time Detours: Sometimes the wrong way can be the right way
Come share in the dream come true that is the next chapter in Georgie's turbulently adventurous life. We begin our journey just about the same place we left off in "Moments in Time: It is never too late to start over."
Georgie embarks on a mutually agreed upon international teaching career based on Warren's suggestion, and ‘The Fates' predictions. While there are several extremely hot sexual adventures with Warren and friends before finally settling down, he finds peace with himself, and his past. He achieves his purpose, the passion that has been burning since his suicide attempt so many years ago, and shares this new adventure with his soul mate, lover and husband, Warren.
Moments In Time: Innocence
The "Moments in Time" series continues with "Innocence" a detailed examination from the perspective of Warren, who articulately explains ‘his side' of the story from his very first intimate encounter, meeting his love, Georgie, and how their lives evolved together.


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