Preyfinders: The Trilogy

Cari Silverwood
Preyfinders: The Trilogy


Cari Silverwood
Release Date
November 2015
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

A collection of the first three books in the Preyfinders universe - Precious Sacrifice, Intimidator, and Defiler. Action-packed erotic scifi.

The stories of four women, their awakening powers, and the alien men who come to Earth to claim them.

The women's powers may be the key to winning the decades-long war against the horrifying Bak-lal, which is crippling the known universe. When lust entangles both man and woman, they are tied to each other in a bond that soon becomes far more than simply sex or ownership.

Sometimes love needs hunting down.

Warning: capture fantasy as well as some kinky dominance and submission themes.

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