Singapore Heat

Adam Mann
Singapore Heat


Butterfly Books
Release Date
September 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Literary Romance

Have you ever been to the Lion City? Singapore is the dynamic jewel of the East, and has been for fifty years!
The novel is set in Singapore in the 1980s, when the young and dynamic country is still emerging towards social and economic independence. Six people, three men and three women, who live and work there, become involved in a series of meetings and/or their explicit sexual encounters over a four week period, between themselves, and other people from a wide ethnic range. Jealousy and violence enter the picture and the life of one character is lost, by accident, or design!
The book is written in five chapters, with the first four chapters detailing the life style, work and experience of one or two of the six characters and their interaction with the other five people over a simultaneous time span of about four weeks. The final chapter ties together the results of the first four chapters. In one case romance unexpectedly follows, and those two persons can be regarded as the Ĺhappy ever after' conclusion. One character dies, or is killed, which bring the six characters together in court. Three find themselves leaving Singapore, forever. This novel is designed for mature audiences.


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