Seven Sins: Seven Sizzling Stories! Bikers, Stepbrothers, Bosses, Baseball, BDSM and More!

Natalie Anderson, Amy Andrews, Michele de Winton, Robin Covington, Avery Flynn, Carmen Falcone, Talia Hunter
Seven Sins: Seven Sizzling Stories! Bikers, Stepbrothers, Bosses, Baseball, BDSM and More!
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Release Date
October 2015
Book 4 of Blaze For Me 4.5
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Can't get enough of hot contemporary romance? Buy this sexy, daring anthology with seven novellas from top authors, including USA Today Bestsellers, and discover your favorite sin today!

Blaze for Me – Natalie Anderson

When Austin Tate busts Nicoletta Valeri in a blistering moment of voyeuristic orgasm-envy, it's the perfect chance for some payback, but instead she's lit a fire than can be extinguished by only one thing…

Glutton For Punishment – Amy Andrews

With a sudden hankering to be spanked, Darcy Henderson figures Mitch Callaghan is the man for the job. But is she woman enough to take it?

Burned by Lust – Michele de Winton

Biker, Hade Corban is set to take over the Raising Hellfire Gang and love isn't on his agenda, but lusty goodtime girl Lee Delevinge is hell bent on burning up his heart.

Sleeping with the Enemy - Robin Covington

All's fair in love and baseball…but when Kat Carter, the newly-minted GM for the Virginia Venom, is determined to recruit rival superstar shortstop (and former lover) Derek Foxx the last thing she expects is a sexy ultimatum…

Princess Sin – Avery Flynn

There's trouble on the horizon when Cynthia Aston, who the tabloids have nicknamed Princess Cyn for her slacker party girl ways, stows away on a yacht that belongs to workaholic billionaire Hunter McKenney, her older brother's sexy best friend.

Accidentally Sinful – Carmen Falcone

Stranded due to a snowstorm, Santiago Cruz must let go of his pride and acknowledge forbidden feelings for the woman he loves but can't forgive—his stepsister.

How to Seduce A CEO – Talia Hunter

Hot shot CEO Marcus Bolton's decided who to hire for the top job, and it's not Angel Moore, no matter how temping she might be. But Angel will do whatever it takes to land the job of her dreams—even seduce the boss.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 21, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The SEVEN SINS anthology features short stories based on the seven deadly sins.

Blaze for Me by Natalie Anderson (Envy)

Pro ski phenom Nicoletta "NV" Valeri never meant to see the couple through the window, and now she can't help but compare their all consuming passion with her…dismal sex life. When Austin freaking Tate catches her peeping, Nicoletta is mortified! She's wanted the good doctor since she met him, and now that she's got his attention? She just wants to hide. Nicoletta almost ruined Austin's career a few years ago, but that doesn't stop him from wanting the woman with an all consuming need that almost cripples him.

Blaze for Me is SCORCHING, their passion burning hot and bright enough to melt the ski slopes! For a short story, Ms. Anderson did a kick ass job making me care about the characters and their stories. I wanted to meet Nicoletta and be friends with her! I wanted to fall down and get bandaged up by Dr. McHottie. The sex was passionate and aggressive and soooo delish! I'm going to have to check out her Be For Me Series, as this one is fantastic! I would rate this story a 4.

Glutton for Punishment by Amy Andrews (Gluttony)

Mitch Callaghan is absolutely fine living in a Melrose Place-esque seniors community, especially if he gets to see the delicious Darcy Henderson in her one piece by the pool. The blonde granddaughter drives him to distraction, especially when she's drunk and wants to make out with him. When Darcy stumbles upon Mitch at a BDSM club, she uses the opportunity to beg him to spank her. Mitch isn't into the scene, but he'll gladly accommodate her pretty little ass anytime!

Oooh, I LIKE this one! I don't typically care for books that are pretty much solely about a spanking fetish, but Glutton for Punishment is a great short story! I loved Mitch; his humor kept things lighthearted even while Darcy begged for something a bit darker from him. This story is excellent fun! I would rate this one a 4.

Burned by Lust by Michele de Winton (Lust)

Hade Corban is the reluctant soon-to-be leader of the Raising Hellfire biker gang, but he's anything but reluctant when he meets Lee Delevigne. The black magic woman wraps him in a spell of lace and lust just moments upon meeting her. Lee thinks Hade is just about the sexiest thing she's ever seen…and if she can use him to forget what her nasty stepfather did to her, it's a win-win. Neither expect the feels, but Cupid hits when you least expect it!

I like his one too! Lee is excellent, a whole different kind of girl power than you typically see in erotic romance. She listed sex as her biggest vice, with drinking a close second. She wasn't ashamed of her very active bed, instead she embraced it and gave it her all. FANTASTIC! And the sex? Whew! Yes, please!! I'd rate this one a 5!

Sleeping with the Enemy by Robin Covington (Wrath)

As the first woman and youngest GM in MLB history, Kat Carter is at the top of her game. So is her longtime frenemy and one-time lover Derek Foxx, shortstop for a rival baseball team. She wants him…as her shortstop when his contract is up. Derek wants Kat for an entirely different reason, and he's tired of holding back. Derek isn't going to hold back any longer, and Kat can't help but go along with Derek's wild plans! But she doesn't want to fall for him again, especially since she wants him to sign with her team. What will they be willing to give up for love?

I love the heat that is immediately generated between Kat and Derek. Their shared past and current competitiveness make their chemistry explosive! I love that Derek took the initiative and went after what he wanted. Kat is a badass! Playing with the big boys in the MLB had hardened her and made her feel like she had something to prove. I was disappointed by the number of editing errors in this short story, things that should've been easily spotted and corrected. Nevertheless, the story was sweet and steamy and I'd rate it a 3.

Princess Sin by Avery Flynn (Sloth)

When Cynthia Aston finds her boyfriend in bed with not one, not two, but THREE women, she should be pissed! But instead, all she feels is ambivalence, a problem that's plagued her through more relationships than she cares to admit. "Princess Sin" as Cyn is known, is lazy and slothful, at least that's the image she presents to the world, and her brother's BFF Hunter McKenney. But Hunter knows better. He knows she's much more than she presents to the world. And when she plays the stowaway on his yacht? She proves him right.

Cyn and Hunter make a great couple! They're wild and horny and filled with lust for each other that Hunter has refused to act on, but once that ship has sailed, he immediately regrets their actions. This story was exceptionally short, but it was still super hot. I'd give this one a 5.

Accidentally Sinful by Carmen Falcone (Pride)

Tiffany Burrows is SO ready to unplug for a few days. Her life in NYC keeps her constantly busy, so decompressing in a Canadian cabin (with no wifi) sounds perfect. Especially when she's sure to have things on her mind other than her sinfully sexy stepbrother Santiago Cruz. Too bad said stepbrother is at said cabin when she arrives. Snowed in together, the stubborn, proud man drives her to distraction, she has no idea he's just as distracted by her. When Santiago gets mad enough to throw Tiffany over his knee for a spanking, their relationship will never be the same!

Poor Tiffany! She's the recipient of a sour Santiago who takes every opportunity to be nasty to her. But he's kinda like the kid who pulls little girl's pigtails when he likes her, and if he gets too close, then he'll lose control. Despite their volatile relationship, the sparks between them light up the powerless cabin. I'm usually skeeved out by step-sibling story lines, but Accidentally Sinful was wickedly delicious. I would rate this a 4.

How to Seduce a CEO by Talia Hunter (Greed)

Angel Moore is determined to get the General Manager position at her company that she's come up with a foolproof plan: seduce CEO Marcus Bolton when he comes to interview her. At first, Marcus has a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth when he sees Angel, but he knows that even though she may be the right person for the job, the board would never approve it. So Angel has to pull out the big guns, seducing Marcus right there in his office! Marcus can't believe he acted so rashly, but the more time he spends with Angel, getting to know her and hearing her plans for the business, the more he admires her and JUST MIGHT be willing to go to bat for her with the board.

This is my least favorite story in this anthology for a few reasons, a big one being how obnoxiously demeaning it was to women. Angel usually gets what she wants, but when Marcus won't give it to her after she sleeps with him, she pouts and gets angry and surly. And Marcus? How does a man used to getting what HE wants, who considers himself an Alpha male, knowingly let another person manipulate him with sex and yet want to give her the world? That must be some stupendous sex. Honestly, this whole story just irritated me and made me want to throw my kindle. I'd rate it a 2.

Bottom Line: Overall, SEVEN SINS is an excellent anthology with some well written and enjoyable stories that showcases the talent in the erotic romance world. It also introduced me to a few new-to-me authors that I'll be looking for in the future!
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