Alexandra Christian
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Little Red Hen Romance
Release Date
December 2015
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale prince. Thalia is the Huntress, a dragonslayer from a barbarian tribe. But her dreams are haunted by her prince, a dark shadow who whispers delectable taunts in her ears and smells of crushed roses and ash. When she is captured and sacrificed as a symbolic "bride" to the most fearsome dragon she has ever seen, she wants only to escape into the endless dream of death where she and her dark prince can be together forever.
But princes aren't always what they seem. And neither are dragons.

Book Review by Victoria Lane (reviewer)
Jan 04, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HUNTRESS by Alexandra Christian is a fantastic novel in the Game of Thrones spirit that will keep you feeling as if you are poised on the edge of a blade. Which way will it go? Who will get their due? I give it 4 stars and label it a must read.

In the novel, Thalia has been slaying dragons for nearly her entire life. After being abandoned by her father when her mother dies giving birth to her, Thalia is taken in and raised by Esa, a kindly middle-aged mid-wife who isn't as she appears. Thalia gains some training from her father's tribe, but other than her young friend Markus and Esa, Thalia has no one to call friend or family; she roams the continent slaying dragons for a living, until one fateful day changes everything. Markus is killed by a dragon when he attempts to show Thalia his skills, and in her grief and guilt, Thalia abandons her calling.

The kingdom of Osghast has also suffered. After King Christophe is betrayed by his jealous Fae lover, his Queen births twin boys, one boy who looks pure on the outside but is wicked inside, and another who is a dragon on the outside, but has a pure human heart. The King casts the dragon out the tower window and banishes Esa, the midwife, from the capitol. Esa finds the baby dragon and raises it despite the Fae Queen's command to destroy the creature. These events set in motion the rise and fall of many in the kingdom, but fear not – this tale has a happy ending.

I loved nearly every bit of this novel. However, I will say that the explicit F/F sexual content in the very beginning seemed gratuitous and totally unnecessary to either introduce characters or fuel the plot. I almost stopped reading the book, feeling as if this had been miscategorized as a romance, when it should have been listed as erotic. However, my OCD need to see what happens to the characters kept me reading, and I'm glad that I did.

I enjoyed the way the characters were moved around like chess pieces. Even when you thought one was out of danger, a new threat arose. The dialogue felt natural and the descriptions of the different castles was fantastic. The plot flowed well with great twists and turns. The romance was very well done with a deep heartfelt connection between Thalia and Malik established from the beginning. The explicit sexual content though makes this book appropriate for mature audiences only.

I could have used a bit more of an introduction into this fantasy world. The novel opens in the Faerie lands, and I felt as if I was just tossed into the deep end chained to concrete blocks and with no scuba gear. It took me a while to assimilate to my surroundings. Also there were some inconsistencies with names; e.g., Tristan was used instead of Christophe, etc. at least three or four times throughout the book, which made it a bit confusing.

Otherwise, this was a fantastic novel and I recommend to all.
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