Choice Christmas

Jamie Salisbury
Choice Christmas

Jamie Salisbury
Release Date
November 2015
Book 4 of Southern Heat
Contemporary Romance

This holiday season fall in love with one of the true reasons for the Christmas...a festive, fun season. For Apolo Choice this year means going all out. Wanting to ensure the young Irish girl he and Caitlyn have adopted has a Christmas to remember, he spares no expense. Christmas trees throughout the house, outdoor displays that would light a small village, Apolo embraces this special time. Together he and Caitlyn surprise Briana with the unexpected...
Watch as this red-headed darling wraps herself around Apolo's heart even deeper as she shows the self-made billionaire how to enjoy life with the simplest pleasures. And watch as this feisty sprite leaves Caitlyn' s mother, Susan with her mouth hanging wide open.
For Caitlyn, the season is busy and fun. She's made a decision excluding her own mother from the festivities. A decision that has Susan Pickett-White flabbergasted. Her mind made up, Caitlyn never looks back and embraces doing all the things mother's do at this time of year. The most fun however is had watching her husband become like putty in Briana's hands.


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