A Legal Affair

Alex Strong
A Legal Affair
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Red Dahlia Publishing
Release Date
January 2016
Contemporary Romance

Elle Peyton has a successful career and a beautiful four-year old son, what more could she want? Certainly not another man who would only abandon them at the first sign of trouble. She learned that lesson the hard way. Which makes it all the more irritating when Raiden, the ruggedly handsome new junior associate at her father's law firm, gets under her skin.

Raiden Kane may not of been looking, but Elle, the boss's daughter of all people, has definitely got his attention. With a little hard work, something he's no stranger to, Raiden manages to break through her icy interior, discovering the sensuous, vibrant woman within.

Elle sees an opportunity to move forward with her life, but Raiden's dark past threatens to leave an even bigger hole in her heart.

Book Review by Steffi (reviewer)
Dec 28, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Elle Payton has been burned badly in the past. Love doesn't seem to be in the cards for her until her father keeps pushing her towards an employee in his law firm.

Raiden and Elle are both wary when it comes to relationships. Bad past experiences have made them more careful and there is Elle's son to think about, but they just can't deny their attraction to each other. Elle and Raiden not only have sexual chemistry but they genuinely enjoy each other's company, becoming friends before lovers. Elle's son immediately falls in love with Raiden as well and they just seem meant to be. But Raiden is hiding things from his past and Elle finally needs to deal with something she has been avoiding for more than two years.

The set-up of A LEGAL AFFAIR is brilliant. As a big fan of lawyer romances, the idea behind the story was very appealing. Unfortunately, it lacked in the execution. More than anything, I felt like I was being jerked back and forth as Raiden and Elle were on and off again, hiding important issues from their pasts, taking one step forward and two steps back. A LEGAL AFFAIR ticks off a list of plot points one right after the other without actually telling a coherent story. This book truly shined for me with its secondary characters, especially Elle's father and Raiden's mother. Alex Strong's writing flows so effortlessly, that it drew me in again and again even though the storyline was so chaotic.

Even though A LEGAL AFFAIR was not the right book for me, I will be looking for more stories by this author as her writing completely captured my attention.
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