His Witch To Keep

Zoe Forward
His Witch To Keep
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Entangled Publishing
Release Date
November 2015
Book 2 of Keepers of the Veil
Paranormal Romance

Wanting her was one thing. Keeping her was another...

Serenity Danssaert was already in way over her head. Not even her MI6 training or her powers as one of the seven Pleiades witches is going to save her sister. Then Alexi Jovec shows up. A secret operative working for unknown forces, he's impossibly sexy and dangerous...and the guy who bailed on Serenity after a red-hot, racy night.

So bonding to him as her destined—the One—is so very wrong.

While Alexi's need to own Serenity—body, soul, and beyond—is nearly unbearable, it's also forbidden. He's the last man who could ever be her destined. Besides, Hades's right-hand man cannot bond with a chosen Pleiades witch. He may be the one man who can protect her, but she can never be his to keep.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Mar 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She's a deadly assassin who happens to be a witch. She is on a very personal mission this time to save her sister. He has watched her for years. He wants her but knows he can't keep her. Can they find a way to fight their destiny?

These are not your ordinary spies. Serenity worked for M16 on deadly assignments until she was recently unceremoniously fired. She has a destiny to fulfill as one of the seven Pleiades witches. There is a man that is fated for her but she can't deny her attraction to another spy. Alexi haunts her. He is sexy and secretive. They have run into each other on missions quite often and he has even been hired to kill her. Alexi's one desire is to protect her even if he can' t have her. He has his own secret destiny that keeps him from her.

This is a very action-oriented story with supernatural elements. Serenity has some magical abilities that has helped her be successful in her many missions. It is her most important mission now as her sister has been kidnapped. She has been engaging in some risky assignments that concern Alexi and bring out his protective instincts. Alexi has his own special abilities. His life is not his own to control but he will do everything he can to protect Serenity.

The characters are the strength of this story. I loved the banter between Serenity and Alexi. They delight in teasing each other and bring a sense of fun to even the most serious situations. The attraction between the two has simmered for years and is really boiling by the time the story starts. These two have tried so hard to ignore the connection and focus on the paths that have been set for them without their input. It is frustrating to know that Serenity and Alex believe they have to give up on their love for one another to appease others. As a reader, you want them to have the freedom to make choices.

There isn't as much magic in the story as you would expect in one featuring a witch. Serenity does have some special powers but does not use them when most of the action is occurring. She relies more on her training as an agent. The storyline about her sister's kidnapping was not as strong an element in the story as the romance between her and Alexi. Its main purpose was to bring them back together again. I was a little disappointed in the resolution to the situation at first but later information made it seem more realistic.

This story is a very action-oriented romance with two characters with special abilities that have aided them in their role as assassins. They were born into a certain role and have expectations placed on them by others. They were not supposed to fall in love and try to fight that destiny. The characters have a connection to one another that even the Gods can't fight. It is a fast-paced story with lots of action and characters that are fun to spend time with as they attempt to win a very personal mission.
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