Alp Mortal


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
November 2015

A huge protest rally in London brings together the opposing sides of a fierce debate raging over the future of the last remaining trees left standing on UK soil. Lowden and Dresden sit on opposite sides of the fence. A catastrophe leaves Lowden injured and with no choice but to accept Dresden's help. Can compassion heal the divide? Can love blossom in the wilderness?

A quirky m/m romance that was originally conceived after a neighbour asked me why some trees at the edge of my property had been felled. The reason was to bring the sunshine into the space where the solar panels were being installed - cutting down trees to make way for solar panels? I liked the sound of the clash of ideologies and it gave rise to the story.

I should say that the trees which were felled were extremely close to the cottage, and they blocked out all of the light in the yard and in the garden - so we had them cut down to give the crops a chance, and to generate enough electricity to light the cottage and power the laptop. From memory, there were seventeen - in a forest of half a billion. Some of the felled wood was used for fuel to heat the cottage, some was used to repair the barn and some was used to make shelving for the shed and for the cellar.

Needless to say, we planted considerably more than seventeen seedlings as part of our on-going forestry management efforts.

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Alp Mortal


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