In A Bad Way

Karin Tabke
In A Bad Way
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Karin Tabke LLC
Release Date
January 2016
Book 4 of Bad Boys of the Bay
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

What happens when Mr. Suit and Tie meets Ms. Wild Style? A chemical reaction that leaves them IN A BAD WAY!

A missing stripper sister, the Russian mob, a smoking hot FBI Agent and the enigmatic woman who lies at the center of it all, is as crazy sexy as it gets.

Isadora Fuentes will do anything to find her missing sister, even slip on a bikini and serve drinks at the strip club where her sister worked. But when Andre, the Russian giant who runs the joint, instructs Izzy, aka "Wild Style," to strip for a federal agent and make a compromising video, Izzy balks…until Andre hints he has information on Izzy's sister—for the price of the tape.

Special Agent Flynn Ryker is a loner by choice, but when his buddy gets engaged, he shows up at Surf's Up Strip Club in San Francisco for the bachelor party of a lifetime. What he doesn't expect is his immediate attraction to a saucy little stripper named Wild Style. When she attempts to slip him a roofie and videotape him in bed, Flynn has two options: Haul her pretty little ass in and arrest her or go along with the sting and see where it leads…

Working together to solve the disappearance of her half sister, Isadora Fuentes and Special Agent Flynn Ryker may disagree on tactics, but there's no denying the sizzling chemistry between them. Will the secrets they hide from each other ruin their chance for love?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 03, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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IN A BAD WAY was a very lengthy and repetitive read, with frustrating characters and only a few redeeming qualities.

A botched roofie/blackmail attempt against FBI Special Agent Flynn Ryker leaves him confused and reeling over his instantaneous and electric reaction to his sexy little culprit, stripper Isadora Fuentes.

Izzy never imagined herself working as a bikini clad cocktail waitress at a seedy strip club, but as her missing sister's last known place of employment, she's integrated herself there to get answers…answers she's promised if she drugs a cop and makes a sex tape so the owners can get him on their payroll. Considering she's a virgin, that's going to take some serious acting! Her plan backfires, but it led her to Flynn, who promises to give her some explosive orgasms and to help her figure out what happened to her sister. Unfortunately, Izzy has shown her breasts to half of San Francisco, and Flynn doesn't want to share. Between Flynn's father's philandering past and Izzy's mother's history as the other woman, the two of them have a tough time reconciling their childhood traumas with their growing adult feelings.

And Izzy isn't out of the woods with the club's Russian owners yet either…they want that sex video. When Izzy finds herself a whole lot deeper than she ever thought possible, Flynn calls in the big guns to help protect the woman he's quickly falling for.

Depending on where you look (the cover or the title page or the various book lists in the rear), IN A BAD WAY is either the 2nd or the 4th book in the Bad Boys of the Bay series. I've read only one other book by Ms. Tabke, and was less than impressed, so that had me wary to delve into IN A BAD WAY. I don't know if it's a recurring theme in her books, or just a coincidence, but I can't figure out why her otherwise strong and independent female characters play the "say one thing but mean another" card. Izzy pushes Flynn away and sobs when he doesn't automatically fight for her…after only a few hours of knowing her, after her attempting to drug him, strip him down and make a sex tape of him for blackmail purposes. I sure as shit wouldn't chase after her crazy ass either!!

This story was close to 450 pages of "should I or shouldn't I?", "I will show him how love can be; I want you to never contact me again; I can make you a better man; I wish I'd never met you." It was so frustrating and so SO long! In fact, I think this story could've been cut down to less than 200 pages without compromising any of the intentions of the storyline, and in fact likely improving the readers' ability to connect with the characters instead of wishing they could throttle them.

Toward the end, the action finally got going and IN A BAD WAY actually became enjoyable. That and the erotic sex scenes were the redeeming qualities that saved this book from a terrible rating from me.

Bottom Line: Lengthy and extremely repetitive read with characters that make you want to pull your hair out. BUT there's some super sex and decent action thrown in there that slightly redeemed this one.
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