Christmas and You

Caitlyn Willows
Christmas and You
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Loose Id
Release Date
December 2015
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Get in and get out before the emotions remind Steve of what he walked out on fifteen years ago. Fate wastes little time putting its own plan into action, adding a little knife-twist to the heart to let him know he really screwed up.

Kate and Eddy imagined and dreaded Steve walking back into their lives. Now it's happened. All they can do is deal with the fallout. They'd loved Steve enough to give him what he asked for. Clearly he's suffered as much, if not more, from his decree as they did.

The aura that pulled them together in the first place draws them close once more. Snowbound, they rediscover what they've missed. There's no denying the magic and love are still there. Dreams for a future war with reality when Steve is offered the job opportunity of a lifetime, in a town three hours away.

Kate fears they are losing him all over again. Eddy knows Steve must make his own choice, no matter how much it hurts. Being fearless made all Kate and Eddy's dreams come true. Steve's never been fearless. Now it's going to cost him the ones he loves all over again.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 08, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The title CHRISTMAS AND YOU doesn't do this incredible book justice, as it's a terrific all-season read that fans of MMF ménage will go nuts over!

Steve Jackson hasn't seen Eddy and Kate Tremayne for 15 years, after real life had intruded on their idyllic romance and he left the couple. Now, fate brings the 3 back together when Steve is called in at the last minute to cover his colleague and interview his former lovers. Steve is out of his mind with irritation…at himself, his colleague, his boss, his ex-wife, the weather…and of course his instantaneous reaction to the couple, like they were together just yesterday. But it turns out when he turned his back on them all those years ago, he didn't just leave the couple, he veered off onto an alternate path that had made his life hell.

Eddy and Kate want to be pissed at Steve, but looking at the sad, broken man now in front of them, a shell of his exuberant former self, they just want to embrace him and never let go. But life isn't that simple, there's now a combined 7 kids to consider, as well as a vindictive ex-wife, logistics and "real life." Sometimes even desperately wanting things to come together just isn't enough.

Aw hell yea, I love me a delicious MMF book, and Ms. Willows gives me that and more! Steve was such an angry guy, mad at himself, his situation, his surroundings. He couldn't get past the fact that his life was crap, that when faced with a fork in the road, he chose the wrong path. The energy between the three when he shows up at their house was immediate and thick with tension…both anger and lust and remnants of the loving ménage they once cherished. I loved that Steve immediately felt a visceral reaction to the couple's art, and that seeing it (and them) in their studio smacked some sense into the man. The three fell under Eros' spell almost immediately, the years melting away as the trio went right back to the way things were before life got in the way.

Not only were the sex scenes incredibly erotic, they were also emotional and loving. I did think the reactions of all of the kids was pretty unrealistic and idyllic, but who am I to complain about a blissful alternate view on life and love!?! The writing was flawless, so kudos to both Ms. Willows and editor Ann M. Curtis. I sincerely hope that I can get another read featuring these characters, because blending a huge family in their situation would make a very interesting storyline, not to mention the chemistry and subsequent sex is drool-worthy!

Bottom Line: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, CHRISTMAS AND YOU is a must read if you're aN MMF fan, or just a lover of positive, emotionally uplifting erotic romance. Fabulous book!
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