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Release Date
November 2015
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

After eighteen years of being homeschooled and isolated from the world, Wesley Kent finally gets a chance at freedom when he's accepted to Northridge University. The news overwhelms his psychologically unstable mother, pushing her toward a violent breakdown. But despite the episode, Wesley arrives in Northridge and meets Bryce, a sexy upperclassman and his new roommate.

The pair struggle, unsuccessfully, to disregard their hormone-fueled attraction toward each other. Wesley soon discovers a secret box buried in the nearby woods. The contents ignite a dangerous chain of events which threatens to extinguish their new romance—along with their lives.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Jan 27, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wes was off to college and away from home for the first time. He ended up getting more than he bargained for.

Wes was pretty isolated from a young age by his mother. He'd recently been accepted to Northridge University and was excited for his chance to be on his own. His mom didn't take the news so well. She suffered from some serious psychological problems and had a breakdown when he left her.

When he arrived at college, he met up with his new roommate, Bryce. They're staying in a house off-campus together, which is great for Wes, except for the creepy vibes the house gave off.

Wes instantly took notice of his hottie roommate and the two hit it off rather quick. They're both great guys that got along, so why not. While Bryce was really sweet, his sense of humor was weird. He liked to say things to make people uncomfortable. And he's saying these things to Wes, who doesn't have much social experience, and things were extra awkward at times. Didn't come off as funny to me, just weird. But Bryce was a pretty likable character, nonetheless.

Wes... I don't know how I felt about Wes. Not only was the whole college experience new for him, but just being out talking to other people was something he didn't do much. The way he was raised greatly impacted his life experiences. I know getting out on his own was important. Being cooped up all his life didn't really do him any favors and he had a lot to figure out, but I feel like he kind of left his mom out in the dust. After the major scene his mom caused when Wes left, he didn't really try to get in contact with her much. Of course, he was preoccupied with his first boyfriend and the appearance of ghosts and witches.

The house they lived in didn't only give off creepy vibes, but there were actual happenings going on. Both guys found themselves wrapped up in a new coven and dealing with a mysterious grimoire. I felt like the paranormal aspect dragged. I like more action in a paranormal plot and this one just didn't interest me too much.

Overall, NORTHRIDGE was an enjoyable read with a sweet romance and a light paranormal plot line.
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