On Paradise Key

Sandra Madden
On Paradise Key
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2015
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Boston babe Kathleen Cassidy is down on her luck when she arrives in the Florida Keys. She's lost everything but her inheritance—a go-fast boat and a battered old bar on Paradise Key.

Joe Scipio promised to protect Kathleen Cassidy and while doing his best, he's losing his heart to the Boston beauty. The hot fishing guide needs Cassidy's land and is determined to send her back to Boston where she belongs. But he risks breaking a sacred vow and falling hook, line and sinker in love with Cassidy, the absolutely wrong woman for him. And
then, just who will protect the headstrong redhead from him?

A series of events threaten both her life and livelihood, forcing her to question the circumstances of her dad's death. Soon she's searching for treasure under the watchful eyes of a rugged undercover ICE agent, a hot marine archaeologist, and perhaps...a killer.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ON PARADISE KEY is a cozy mystery with an idyllic setting and cuckoo characters that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Slinging drinks in a dive bar at 11a is not cultured Bostonian Kathleen Cassidy's idea of paradise. But after her absentee father died and left her the Gator Hole, Kathleen heads down to the Florida Keys to run (and sell) the dive bar, butting heads with sexy and gruff local Joe Scipio almost immediately. Joe promised Kathleen's dad that he'd look out for her, but he also wants to buy the bar, more accurately, the land it sits on. Annoyed, Kathleen rejected his repeated offers, frustrated that she's turned on by this sexy as hell charter fishing boat captain!

When things start happening…her boat is blown up, her shed broken into, her apartment ransacked…Kathleen starts to think maybe her father's death wasn't an accident after all. But there's so many…shady…people on Paradise Key that she's having a tough time ruling out anyone . Everyone seems to have a motive, especially when she learns that people seem to think that "Wild Bill" found himself some sunken treasure and didn't share. Between an insane common law wife, a professor with an agenda, a waitress who meditates while pouring drinks, the skinny old dude who was with her dad when he died and the hot charter captain who wants her land, her list of suspects gets longer by the minute. When will Kathleen learn to keep herself out of trouble?

I'm by no means an expert on the Keys, but having just returned from a nice little dive trip there had me particularly excited to read this story! ON PARADISE KEY intrigued me from the start. Kathleen is a prim and proper Boston fashionista who sticks out like a sore thumb in the laid back Keys. She just wants to get the hell out of there. I can't imagine ANYONE wanting to leave the gorgeous and fun island chain! Joe is an enigma, he's a fishing boat charter captain, lives on said boat, yet is able to disarm a bomb quickly and coolly. The chemistry between the two was steamy, and I spent much of the book wishing they were having more than a few spark-inducing moments. There were loads of red herrings, everyone was suspect at one time or another, everyone had some sort of motive, and I changed my mind a dozen times on whodunit. Also, Ms. Madden left the ending open for another Cassidy and Scipio mystery and I hope that book happens!!

Bottom Line: Intriguing and fun look at the wild and crazy conchs that had me (not for the first time) dreaming of selling everything and setting up shop in Paradise!
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