Natalie Dae
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Totally Bound
Release Date
November 2015
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance


Her heart had been broken. How could it ever be mended?

Sometimes life has a habit of breaking a person, but Lori's discovered there's a reason for it. Better things are around the corner. She didn't realize that at first, but after things went sour, a light beckoned, an anchor in the form of a man named Jaska.

He ignites her soul, understands her needs more than she does. She embarks on a journey, one that has many twists and turns, and with Jaska guiding her, she doesn't think it can go wrong. Except there are terms to their relationship, a contract they're bound by, and no matter what, they're not supposed to express how they feel about each other. It's dangerous—falling in love isn't allowed.

But Lori has fallen in love, and the year Jaska has given to teach her the ways of the lifestyle is both pain and pleasure—and not only from spankings. It's pain—she loves him but can't express it. It's pleasure—she gets to spend time with him.

Denial is the name of the game for both of them. Deny their feelings and everything will work out fine. But Lori knows that somewhere down the line during this year she'll have to open her mouth and tell him how she feels. The question is—when?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 11, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Not one for the mundane spanking books, DENIAL gave me so much more, and left me begging for more from The_Red_Brush and Jaska.

Lori has been having dreams. Dirty, kinky, naughty dreams. When Lori's boyfriend of 6 years ups and leaves her, she finds the strength to join an online kink site called The Boudoir as The _Red_Brush. Almost immediately, she's contacted by a Dom named Jaska, who offers to teach her the ways of submission without any emotional strings attached. Lori is wary and unsure of herself and her feelings, insisting on only verbal communication through a covered screen video chat. She grows more comfortable with Jaska almost immediately, he in turn opens up to her as well, something he's never done with a student before.

Lori finds herself wildly aroused by Jaska's lessons…and falling hard for the man she's never even laid eyes on. But emotions are against the rules of the contract they've entered into. For pete's sake, she just got left by her longtime boyfriend! They make further promises to not express emotions, but both are finding the task near impossible with the chemistry lighting up the air around them.

Woah, what a kick ass book! BDSM reads are usually either uber hot or ridiculously eye-rolling for me, and very very few have made me literally pant in anticipation! Ms. Dae has created some delicious sexual tension between Lori and Jaska in DENIAL, as a large portion of the book takes place online and in video chats where either the screen is covered or Lori is wearing a mask and simply following Jaska's instructions. This was a unique (to me) concept and one I've never read before whatsoever (and I've read A LOT), which was infinitely fabulous. The pair didn't even lay eyes on one another until about 2/3 of the way through the book, but when they did it was like an electric shock shot through my kindle directly onto my own hand. Crazy potent!

Jaska was so patient and willing to attempt something new and outside of his experience to help Lori find her passions and her pain threshold, and I think that initial blindness to one another solidified a stronger bond than either anticipated. I loved Ms. Dae's edge-of-my-seat, holding-my-breath writing style. DENIAL was told from Lori's POV, giving us all of her inner thoughts and feelings and desires, ratcheting up the heat level of this book exponentially, totally bizarre to me since there was very VERY little actual SEX between the two!! If this is the sort of blissed out BDSM that Ms. Dae typically writes, then sign me up for more of her magic! And for that matter, sign me up for more from the mixed bag of authors writing sexy What's Her Secret? books for Totally Bound Publishing!

Bottom Line: Kinky, erotic and cloaked in an air of strangely magical ordinariness, this book is what I imagine the more hearty BDSM world to be like in real life. Fabulous read!
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