Time Untamed

Lily Morgan
Time Untamed

Hartwood Publishing
Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of Time Series
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Time Travel


Benjamin "Butch" Stone, a former US Marine who had no family, no love except for his country and his missions until he met Savannah Green by chance at a bar in Germany. His attraction to her was instantaneous and combustible. They had spent a gorgeous night together. When Savannah got pregnant shortly after, he didn't hesitate to marry her and start a family together. He thought this was his fairy tale ending, a beautiful wife, a rambunctious son, until an accident, a house fire, ripped them away from him. His soul and heart died that very same day.

Savannah Sabbah, also known as Savannah Green, was hailed from an ancient assassin order that historians had believed ceased existence back in the thirteenth century. She was sent to seduce a US serviceman for military secrets, and she fell hopelessly in love with her mark instead. When her father recalled her back to the family, she was ordered to destroy all evidence of her existence in her husband's life. She defied her family's order and hid her son away.

Once again, TSCAA must go back in time to stop another alteration of history, to prevent a "contract to kill" on Jack Evans, the lead passenger of UA Flight 93, when he was still a boy. Should Butch and his team fail in protecting Jack, the present they know would be drastically different.

Would Butch and Savannah be able to overcome their distrust of each while their sizzling connection still burn for each other?

And what maim did Mr. X have plan for the world this time? What was his true identity?


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