Mystic Tides

Kate Allenton,Laurie Keck,Devin Govaere,Della Lewis
Mystic Tides

Coastal Escape Publishing, LLC
Release Date
May 2015
Fantasy Romance

Four witches, related by blood and friends by choice, set out to right the wrongs of the past. The tide has turned and now it's their turn.

Clothes designer and fire starter, Grey Sinclair is known for her over-the-top personality and her need for personal space. There's no room for professions of love or public displays of affection in her cozy little world of fashion and mayhem and certainly no room for a permanent man.
Fireman Beck Marshall can feel the magic drifting on the wind. After a routine fire inspection with Grey Sinclair, he knows his life will never be the same, and he becomes determined to make the fiery little woman his own.
When her cousins cast a love spell that goes horribly wrong and Grey's world is turned upside down, there's only one man who can help. When Grey's at Beck's mercy, it turns into a battle of wills to see who will break first. All Grey knows is that it isn't going to be her.

Sydney Janzen has it all. She loves her life and is perfectly content in every way. Then Nick Spencer pushes his big, hunky body into her tidy world.
Nick's special talent allows him to feel magical signatures, and the women of Mystic Tides soon learn that someone is out to steal The Hammer of Demons from Sydney's special collection.

Halona Jacobs was never lonely, until the day of a tragic accident. Now a decade later, she remains tethered to grief and guilt, feeling the swirls of emotions around others but numb to her own.
Drake Adams comes into her world like a tsunami. He floods her with feelings she hasn't known in a very long time.

Bethany Kent, earth witch and healer, can't seem to heal herself when she feels her power fading. Kal Burke ihas been tracking a paranormal badass and followed him to Blansett. Kal unearths dark secrets that could destroy Bethany and her cousins. Combining their powerful magic with his own, Kal plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an ancient malevolence hellbent for revenge.


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