Red Hot

Kayden Claremont
Red Hot
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
January 2016
Book 1 of A Candy Hearts Romance
Contemporary Romance

Treena Stanton, artistic coordinator of Sierra's Cowboy Theme Park, wants to exact revenge on Clayton Wagner. She had a crush on him in school, but he never acknowledged her existence. Revenge is sweet but not as sweet as the pleasure of his touch.

Strategic accounts manager, Clayton Wagner lost a bet and has to work the next twenty-four hours at his buddy's theme park. But when his "boss for the day" with mouth-watering curves demands he wear a cowboy costume, all he can think about is finding out what's under her petticoat.

But when the truth is revealed about their past, will the sparks of passion fizzle or burst into Red Hot flames?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 09, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Revenge is best served hot!

Treena Blackstone was invisible to Clayton Wagner back in high school, so it's infinitely gratifying to order him into costume at Sierra's Cowboy Theme Park. Clay can't believe he has to do this because he lost a bet, but it won't be a hardship to spend time with the sexy woman ordering him to strip. But somewhere along the way it becomes much more than just a game to them both.

RED HOT was a red hot shortie that is ideal for getting you in the mood for Valentine's Day. Treena and Clay's sexy flirting was the perfect buildup to their explosive sexcapade. I didn't like that Treena was so all over the place with her attitude, running hot and cold whenever she was around Clay. In fact, I kinda thought that her need to exact revenge for not noticing her in high school was pretty juvenile and silly. I can get wanting to make someone like that drool, but revenge? Eh... Well either way, RED HOT was a steamy and quick read for a cold winter's day.

Bottom Line: RED HOT isn't as hot as its title implies, but it'll still warm you up like a nice hot toddy!
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