Dukes Prefer Blondes

Loretta Chase
Dukes Prefer Blondes
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Release Date
December 2015
Book 4 of The Dressmakers
Historical Romance

Biweekly marriage proposals from men who can't see beyond her (admittedly breathtaking) looks are starting to get on Lady Clara Fairfax's nerves. Desperate to be something more than ornamental, she escapes to her favorite charity. When a child is in trouble, she turns to tall, dark, and annoying barrister Oliver Radford.

Though he's unexpectedly found himself in line to inherit a dukedom, Radford's never been part of fashionable society, and the blonde beauty, though not entirely bereft of brains, isn't part of his plans. But Clara overwhelms even his infallible logic, and when wedlock looms, all he can do is try not to lose his head over her . . .

It's an inconvenient marriage by ordinary standards, but these two are far from ordinary. Can the ton's most adored heiress and London's most difficult bachelor fall victim to their own unruly desires?

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Jan 05, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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4 "Smart Love" Stars!

Fans of Loretta Chase know that she loves to write romantic tales concerning highly intelligent couples that are attracted to one another, first and foremost, by their complementary intellect. DUKES PREFER BLONDES definitely delivers on this front. You will not be at a loss for witty repartees, even if at times you may want to throttle the hero for some of his seemingly less than complimentary views of women. Fortunately, the heroine knows just to how to put him in his place with her quick verbal sparring which always seems to position her with the upper hand and ultimately works to benefit them both with a match made in academic heaven!

Lady Clara Fairfax has been raised to marry a man of the upper echelons of society, preferably a duke. Unfortunately for her, while many others would greatly envy her position of fending off marriage proposals left and right, Clara can't help but feel stifled and as if she is drowning in all the luxurious coddling that women of her rank are inevitably constantly treated to. Even more detrimental to her state of mind is the constant disregard for her mental acuity. Ladies of her station are just not supposed to be rational and logical or really of much use at all except in certain domestic and fashionable regards.

Imagine her surprise then when the first man to actually pay her any heed also happens to be one of the most satisfyingly complex and yet equally frustrating men she has ever met. Oliver "Raven" Radford, a barrister who although he comes from a good family (he is the cousin of a duke), has always been a member of the family's working class arm. The more he gets entangled in her plan to save a brother and sister that Clara met at her favorite charity and whom Clara has taken it upon herself to save from a dangerous street gang, the more she begins to appreciate Raven's willingness--even if begrudgingly given--to see her for more than a damsel in distress with no ability to fend for herself.

Amidst this danger, and in between constant parleys that are as sharp as any sword, Clara and Raven begin to ignite under the intense passion they share. However, this inevitable attraction to one another only highlights society's harsh rules which no doubt will never allow room for a union of such disparate ranks.

Will Raven be able to keep Clara safe from the imminent danger that she courts in her quest to save the brother and sister that she has taken under wing? Moreover, even if he can, is he not just setting them both up for the inevitable heartbreak that is sure to follow their attempt to break with society's conventions?

If you are looking for a romance to challenge your mind and your heart, then look no further, DUKES PREFER BLONDES is sure to fit your need.
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