The Spanking Follies

Robert Livenmore
The Spanking Follies

Release Date
November 2015
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

The Spanking Follies is a book of 97000 words, fifteen short stories, all of which have a spanking theme. The plots are wildly divergent: Manhattan skyscrapers, lowly prisoners, feisty professors, high fashion models, Hollywood talent agencies, and a 'war' story. You will not easily forget some of the characters since they are lovingly created and you may find you share some of their secret desires—or have had some experiences similar to theirs. The phrase 'the plot thickens' is very appropriate as twists and turns abound and just about anyone's tush could end up on the tender side. A sales manager employs a method for increasing production that won't be found in the Fortune 500 companies—at least not now.
However, unlike much 'subterranean' literature, the stories are upbeat, satisfying, and inspirational. Language and manners are never vulgar or lowbrow (can you imagine a spanking-themed story without the word 'ass'?), while relationships are long-term and supportive.
A curious young man gets a tour of the sex toy store—that he will not soon forget. He starts out 'just looking' but finds himself very involved with some of the merchandise—and lovely young store associate.
A good-looking but inexperienced gentleman is lured into a women's gym, for a life-changing event.
If you're thinking these are egalitarian stories, you're right—which is very much unlike certain other BDSM literature available today where only one gender is on the receiving end of various punishing and humiliating activities.
Amazingly, when spanking is treated in an erotic and romantic manner, humorous situations arise, and the author has taken full advantage of the opportunities.
The title of the book, "The Spanking Follies," was inspired by the memories of the Ziegfield Follies, Ice Follies, and Folies Bergere—in other words, it's entertaining, lavish, and titillating. Best read at the beach, in the evening, or in bed—when you won't be disturbed.
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