M. Garnet

Release Date
December 2015
Book 3 of The Storm Planet Series: Volume Three
Alternate Universe

In a universe far away - no that was already used... Love conquers all, wait, that was already used. Still it all fits this strange love story of a world far away that lets love conquer all.
The planet GigasVnee, known as the Storm Planet just never seems to be able to find peace. Blessed by unbelievable wealth in small power threads that take ships quickly through the long hauls of deep space.
Within the city caves of the water world, pulled by the gravity of two moons, are strong people who love and dream and fight on to preserve their independence. All while greedy groups of other worlds keep making politics and war to press to get control of the power from this planet.
Living within the worst time of threats, the twin kings desert the world, having formed a new existence. They leave their Queen and a son, their Heir to battle the outside threats. They have left their son some weapons he must seek and has found the inner ability to use.
What hampers him is the fact that he is drawn to a female slave that has been given freedom. Of all the females on the strange planet, this one does not want the attention of the most important male of this world.
So while he fights to protect against invasion and hunts for hidden killers, he pursues a love that refuses him. Life is not normal on this planet, tossed by great storms and lust and love.
Don't forget the dark Assassin that is hired to safeguard the Queen.
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