Falling Under

Lauren Dane
Falling Under
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Release Date
August 2015
Book 2 of Ink & Chrome
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

The men of Twisted Steel are great with their hands.

And they're not afraid to get dirty.

Duke Bradshaw, co-owner of the Twisted Steel custom motorcycle and hot rod shop, may devote his days to chrome and leather, but his nights belong to Carmella. His sultry redheaded neighbor has a smile like an angel and a body built for sin, and for the past year both have dominated Duke's dreams. When a problem at Twisted Steel requires a fast fix, Duke sees his chance to finally make his fantasy a reality.

Ever since she first heard the low rumble of his engine, Carmella Rossi has wondered if Duke Bradshaw handles his women as expertly as he handles his bike. When he shows up at her door offering her a much-needed job at his shop, she gets her chance to find out. Beneath Duke's masterful touch, Carmella soon submits to a world of unimaginable pleasure.

But history has taught Carmella how bad a boy boy can be. If she doesn't put on the brakes fast, her hard-bodied heartbreaker could drive her right over the edge.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 15, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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FALLING UNDER is a triple treat: smart, sexy and sweet, all rolled up into one pristine package that'll leave you desperate for more.

As co-owner of Twisted Steel, Seattle's premier custom motorcycle and hot rod shop, Duke Bradshaw is used to dealing with metal bodies with hard edges and soft lines, but his neighbor Carmella Rossi is the only body that haunts his dreams these days. Turns out Carmella is going to haunt his days too, after he offers her a job at Twisted Steel as their office manager.

Carmella has been drooling over her inked up, motorcycle riding bad boy boss, and being with him all day long and living next door every night is just about killing her determination to stay away from his bed…especially when he makes it quite clear that's where he wants her. Carmella's parents set the standard for destructive relationships, and her own history with men doesn't help, so she can't imagine that Duke would want anything to do with her particular brand of crazy…the man has women all over him all the time! But Duke can't keep his hands to himself after the two become lovers, and all those other women cease to exist for him once he realizes that Carmella is everything he's ever dreamt of in a woman. Can he break down her barriers long enough for her to let him sneak into her heart?

UGH! Ms. Dane, what're you doing to me!? You must have some sort of black magic in your little typing fingers, I'd swear it. I fell in lust with Duke in Opening Up, the first book in the Ink & Chrome series, and now I've pretty much died and gone to sexy California surfer boy heaven. Carmella took some warming up to, as she came off as an uptight control freak, but once she and Duke got together, his laid back and chill personality was somehow completely copacetic with her anal retentive one. The two had chemistry coming out the custom carburetor, and his head-scratching obsession with her OCD qualities made me chuckle. Who knew organizing files could be such a turn on?! And I loved that buttoned up Carmella had such a naughty girl side that Duke didn't hesitate to exploit…particularly her penchant for gettin' it on where anyone could catch them. Mmmm, delightful!

Honestly, even as much as I liked this book, the absolute BOOM SLAM perfection that I found in the first book just wasn't there in FALLING UNDER. Maybe it was that Duke was a little too laid back or that Carmella was a little too uptight, but that gut punch of incredibly hot sex and wildly hysterical humor that I'd expected just didn't happen. Of course, there were glimpses of the funny, but a lot of it came from PJ, who gave it to us in book one. That said, this book was more blissfully sweet and romantic, and instead of making me literally LOL, it made me sigh happily with jealousy at Duke's romantic ways instead. I'm so excited to delve into Mick's mysterious story next!

Bottom Line: Ms. Dane's characters are portrayed with such depth and complex emotions that truly show the incredible scope of her talent. Do yourself a favor and begin at book one in the Ink & Chrome series and don't stop (except maybe for more wine and fresh batteries) as you make your way through. You'll thank me later!
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