Katanaa: A Holiday Mystery

Mia Mitns
Katanaa: A Holiday Mystery

Mia Mitns
Release Date
November 2015
New Adult, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Urban Fantasy

Amali can't stand the superstar band Kantana and jokes that they may have discovered the secrets to mind control but surprise! Kantanaa is staying a few weeks in the same hotel that Amali works in. And Levi, lead singer of Kantanaa, sees Amali and would like to get to know her.

When Levi's guitar goes missing, Amali will have to choose. Help Levi find his guitar so the televised holiday celebration concert can go on, or have a few laughs to herself. There may be benefits to helping Levi though. Amali could find out more about Kantana's secrets and Levi's strange disappearances. She may discover more abilities she has herself. Were her premonitions just a coincidence? Was her dream was right after all?


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