Fallen + Marli & Lalo: A Fallen Mystery

Mia Mitns
Fallen + Marli & Lalo: A Fallen Mystery

Mia Mitns
Release Date
October 2015
Book 3 of Fallen Invasion
Mainstream fiction, New Adult, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Urban Fantasy

A Fallen Alien?

Marli has a few problems. For starters Lalo, an alien, fell from the sky into her yard. An alien! These things haven't scientifically been proven to exist yet. How could she communicate with Lalo without making him upset? Fortunately for Marli, Lalo is kind. When Marli uncovers a better way to talk to Lalo, she finds out he has a problem— amnesia, he can't remember why he is on Earth. Lalo only knows he needs to protect Marli.

On the other hand, Marli feels she needs to shield Lalo from humans. Too bad her neighbor, Kallen, becomes very suspicious the morning after Lalo arrives. The news story of a possible kidnapping makes Kallen even more anxious about strange things occurring.

To find answers to Lalo's memory loss, Marli and Lalo become wrapped up in solving the kidnapping mystery. But after Lalo starts to remember and rediscover his abilities, will Marli find out that Lalo has secrets of his own?


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