Viking for Hire

Jo Grafford
Viking for Hire
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JG Press
Release Date
February 2015
Book 1 of Vikings Saga
Fantasy Romance

Branwyn O'Tyre's estranged brother summons her for a healing ritual. Fearing he actually plans to arrest her for witchcraft, she drinks a protection potion before he arrives.

Eirik, a Viking sea captain pretending slumber in the tavern corner, witnesses Branwyn's magic and offers her safe passage from Exeter if she will attempt to reverse a curse that plagues him. Unfortunately, every woman who touches him falls wildly but falsely in love with him.

There's only one hitch. If she fails, Branwyn's heart will fall victim to the same madness...forever!

Book Review by Steffi (reviewer)
Feb 12, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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VIKING FOR HIRE transports readers to a time of witchcraft, mermaids, adventurous seafaring and many sexy Vikings.

Branwyn O'Tyre is being accused of witchcraft by her very own brother. Trying to escape his clutches, she recruits the help of Eirik, a Viking sea captain. Eirik has been keeping an eye on Branwyn for a while. Burdened with a curse which makes every woman fall madly in love with Eirik through a simple touch, the strong Viking is looking for a skilled witch to break the curse that keeps him from finding true love. Branwyn and Eirik embark on an adventure that is filled with danger, love and magic.

VIKING FOR HIRE is only 49 pages long but packs a lot of plot into very few pages. Hence, world building, character insight and emotional involvement were lacking. Branwyn and Eirik instantly fall in love and every event happening from their first meeting onwards was only mentioned very superficially. Convenient but unlikely solutions are presented to problems that were supposed to be the major conflicts of this novel. Too much time was spent describing the perfection that is the outward appearance of Eirik instead of focusing more on character development and world building. Eirik's crew was a welcome addition to the story, especially Sven, Eirik's right hand man, who will appear as the hero in Viking Born.

Overall, I struggled connecting to the world Jo Grafford created in her Viking Saga series. While VIKING FOR HIRE has a happy end, Eirik and Branwyn's story continues in the third book of this series, Viking By Day. Perhaps this novella will give more insight into the characters.
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