Monkeying Around

Tymber Dalton
Monkeying Around
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2017
Book 10 of Drunk Monkeys
Alternate Universe, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Can the Drunk Monkeys save the day before the clock runs out?

Tank isn't a student, a hacker, or twenty-two-years old. The major is a deep-cover military intel officer, and she's got orders to help save the world. That means protecting the group of student hackers she's embedded with.

Initially, Papa and Alpha aren't sure what to make of Tank, until they learn the truth about her identity. Monkeying around takes a backseat to stopping an apocalypse, and the world isn't safe from Kite just yet.

Time's quickly running out—and not just for the human race. Reverend Silo and President Kennedy might both be about to reap what they've sown as General Arliss sets his plans into motion. And when the final pieces are moved into position for an epic showdown, Papa and Alpha realize that surviving an apocalypse is nothing compared to overcoming their greatest challenge yet—Tank's father.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Feb 17, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Explosions, rescue missions, revenge meted out and righteous degradation--this conclusion contains it all! This is the book I have been eagerly waiting for and it delivers all the answers, wraps up the loose ends and provides a smexy happily ever after. Ms. Dalton out-does herself in this conclusion. I may be a little tiny bit biased because the main character is an Asian female--Tank. Tank is a thirty-something "retired" military officer infiltrating a group of idealistic student hackers. Like most Asians, she can pass for a decade or so younger. This helps her cover from a physical level. She needs to tone down her military training which would be a dead giveaway. Lucky for her, her cover story as a military brat works.

I LOVE TANK. She is the kind of female I want to be when I grow up. She is smart and can survive with wicked mad skills. I kind of wish my military grandfather spent more time raising me as a kid. Tank is a woman not to be messed with and she is going to complete her mission even if she was offered a chance to abort. Tank is a character I can remember because to me, she is multi-layered. This is not just because she is undercover. She has heart, follows orders and she knows when she needs to bend them. She does not take bending orders lightly. Her perseverance and conscience is impressive. Her iron will is even more impressive. Still, she calls her mother and father Mommy and Daddy, which endears her to me. She may be a hardass but she definitely has a soft side to her. She is in a bad situation and she does her best to make it better.

The two men paired up with her are amusing. Papa and Alpha are guys who can keep up with her. They are more window dressing in this book as a supporting cast to Tank. I'm fine with this because even though this series is called the Drunk Monkeys, it is really all about the women they find. Papa and Alpha burn up the sheets with Tank and it is delicious, if a bit distracting. It is distracting for me because as much as I enjoy erotica, this series' plot is what keeps me riveted.

This is an action packed story as the threats to the nation are finally put down like mad dogs. It is almost anticlimactic how easily Jerald goes down. What is depraved and thrilling is how Kali, previously known as Mary, takes down her husband Hannibal Silo. The graphic scene and descriptions is panty-wetting goodness for me. It is just a small payback for a lifetime of pain. If it lasted a bit longer, I would not have complained. My bloodlust is not satisfied with the short punishing scene. I understand why it is so short though, so it does not take too much away from the main story.

The story ends on a high note as General Arliss' final plans are executed to perfection. He cleans house and brings the States back to being a powerhouse. This idealistic desire appeals to me even if I realistically know it will never happen. Still, the dream of getting rid of the political fat and greedy power hungry leeches out of the government is an enticing one. With the world back in order, the Drunk Monkeys can finally relax. The community they put together in Mexico sounds like heaven. Good friends, food and peace, what more can a person want?

This is story is highly recommended to everyone and must be read as the last book in this series.
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