Darkness Undone

Georgia Lyn Hunter
Darkness Undone
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Georgia Lyn Hunter
Release Date
February 2016
Book 1 of Warlords of Empyrea
Paranormal Romance

A fading realm, a warrior bound, and the woman who will save them both…

Bound to a vengeful goddess, immortal warrior, Reynner, has little time for the fairer sex. The last thing he wants is to be aligned with another female, even if she is the key to finding an artifact and saving his realm. But his stone-cold resistance is tested, his attraction undeniable for the feisty mortal, until she demands the one thing he cannot give her…his trust.

Eve Leighton avoids intimacy of any sort after an accident in her teens left her with a painful ability to see into another's mind through physical contact. When an ice-cold warrior claims she is his world's savior, she's intrigued, until she dares a look into his soul and sees a man who's been cruelly betrayed. She agrees to help him and loses her heart. But the man is an unassailable fortress. With quiet determination, she chips away his barriers and a passion darker than night pulls them under.

As his enemies closes in on the hunt for the artifact, Reynner must overcome his own personal demons as battles are fought to claim the woman he loves or lose her forever. And Eve has to face her own mortality and fight for a love of a lifetime.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Mar 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He is immortal. He lives to kill the demons that tried to destroy him. He has a Goddess who enjoys tormenting him for denying her his company. The last thing he wants is to do is be assigned to work with a woman who makes him feel again even if she is the only one that can save his people. A prophesy has led them together and love will determine their true path.

Reynner is another immortal serving Gaia by destroying the demons that seek to kill humans. He served time in Hell and vowed to devote his life to destroying demons. Reynner hates most that he can not break the control a Goddess has over him and delights in using as long as he resists being with her again. He will not be a slave to anyone ever again. While he was once quite the ladies man, he now has little interest in those activities until he meets Eve.

Eve lost her parents at a young age in a horrific car accident and also suffered severe burns to her hands during the fire. Those burns have led to her being unable to touch anyone directly or she sees the horrors they have perpetrated or faced in their lives. It has kept her from romantic relationships. Instead, she focuses on her art and her small circle of friends who love and protect her.

This book is part of the Empyrean Immortals series. It can be read as a standalone. The series features warriors who have survived intense personal pain and now devote themselves to their new role as a protector of humanity from demons. Each of these warriors has been scarred by their past and are haunted by the events that lead to their current path. Like the other men in the series, Reynner is a man who can not forget his past and he finds it impossible to trust women after being betrayed again and again.

Eve is also haunted by her past and the loss of her parents and the life she led before the accident. They have both disconnected from life in many ways and it is only in their work that they feel alive again. They both bear physical marks of their pain as well.

The main action in the story is in regard to a search for an artifact that can save his people. A prophesy indicates that Eve is the human who can help them find it but there are others that seek it as well and it places her life in jeopardy. It is an intriguing storyline that keeps the story moving while the relationship develops at a slower pace. The author made the right decision in not rushing the romance. These two people need to heal some of their own wounds before they can find happiness in a relationship.

They are both warriors. They faced great pain in their pasts and bear the scars. Reynner agreed to keep Eve safe but never expected that he would be risking his heart. Eve never dreamed she would have a chance at love after losing so much. The Empyrean Immortals series by Georgia Lyn Hunter is a series that delivers on romance and action. It features characters that are hardened by their battles but never give up on winning the war.
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