The Gates of Moses

SS Hampton Sr
The Gates of Moses

Melange Books
Release Date
July 2012
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Dr. Gregorio Romano, an engineer dedicated to saving Venice from the rising Adriatic Sea, fails in his task. Knowing that the surrounding flood gates and sea wall will someday fail and Venice will become another Atlantis, the city is evacuated, along with many of the priceless art treasures. When a severe storm rolls in and high tides threaten to burst through the flood walls, Romano secretly resolves to remain in Venice. Part of his reasoning is that he failed, so he will die with Venice when the walls are breached. The primary, and secret, reason is that he wants to remain with Alessandra, a ghostly lover, a succubus, who claimed his heart many years before when he first visited Venice. Unknown to him, a young woman from his staff, Patrizia Celentano, the first and last female gondolier of Venice, fell in love with him. Along with his remaining staff she is evacuated, but Patrizia steers her gondola across the stormy lagoon back to Venice, to battle Alessandra before Romano dies in the storm ravaged city.
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