Kissed From Beyond

Keta Diabo; Elise Hepner; Stacey Kennedy; Amber Scott
Kissed From Beyond
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Goodnight Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

This 'must read' anthology will take you to the mystical beyond and back with four erotica novellas from bestselling and award winning authors:

-Keta Diablo
-Amber Scott
-Elise Hepner
-Stacey Kennedy

Can you handle the magic?

"Cradle of Dreams" by Keta Diablo

With visions of battle still fresh in his mind, Roane Bradfield returns home to find the woman he loves betrothed to another. He corners Kendrick Moreland at Dowager Huggins' Grand Ball and whisks her into the secluded library. One way or the other, he will know the reason the duplicitous beauty cut him from her life when she promised to wait forever.

Kendrick can't believe her eyes when Roane suddenly appears at the ball. Has he truly risen from the dead? Amid wagging tongues and hushed murmurs, the fantasy of her every dream whisks her from the ballroom. And the expression on his face is anything but loving. Revenge, danger and powerful love collide in the Cradle of Dreams.

Book Review by Renee Rearden (author,reviewer)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time, communicate with a lost loved one, find your own genie in a bottle, or talk to a real ghost? If you answered yes to any of these examples, then keep reading!

KISSED FROM BEYOND is an anthology of four sizzling paranormal stories that evolve from one common thread: an antique shop run by Mrs. Higgins. This sweet, little old lady knows every antique in the shop has a story, and she loves matching the right object with the right person.

Cradle of Dreams, A Love Soul Deep, One More Rub, and ‘Til We Meet Again are all different stories, each capturing the reader's attention by the author's unique voice and imaginative storyline.

Whether our heroine is traveling back through time to right a wrong from the past, reuniting with the love of her life years after his death, discovering she's been granted three wishes by a very naughty genie, or communicating with a lost soul and granting him his greatest wish, the emotional connections these heroines make will tug your heartstrings. The amazing, mind-blowing sexual connections will set your pulse racing and your temperature skyrocketing!

Choosing my favorite story was tough. I really liked One Rub More, but I have to say, I loved A Love Soul Deep. When two people love each other so deeply the strength of that bond carries into the hereinafter, there's no doubt this couple are soul mates. I experienced Sara's longing, yearning, and agony of separation. When Crew reappeared in her life, my heart cheered at their reunion. When he made love to her with such fierce devotion, I expected their hot, steamy passion to set off the fire alarm in my house! When Crew burned his memory into her, leaving her part of himself, my soul sighed with completion.

I don't usually read anthologies. I like time to learn about characters and warm up to them. KISSED FROM BEYOND told me everything I needed to know about these wonderful heroes and heroines—and I warmed up to them in a hurry. If you read this anthology, I bet you will, too!
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