Bullet Proof: A MacKenzie Family Novella

Avery Flynn
Bullet Proof: A MacKenzie Family Novella
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Evil Eye Concepts, Inc.
Release Date
February 2016
Book 2 of The MacKenzie Family
Contemporary Romance

From Liliana Hart's New York Times bestselling MacKenzie family comes a new story by best-selling author Avery Flynn...

"Being one of the good guys is not my thing."

Bianca Sutherland isn't at an exclusive Eyes-Wide-Shut style orgy for the orgasms. She's there because the only clue to her friend's disappearance is a photo of a painting hanging somewhere in Bisu Manor. Determined to find her missing friend when no one else will, she expects trouble when she cons her way into the party--but not in the form of a so-hot-he-turns-your-panties-to-ash former boxer.

Taz Hazard's only concern is looking out for himself and he has no intention of changing his ways until he finds sexy-as-sin Bianca at the most notorious mansion in Ft. Worth. Now, he's tangled up in a missing person case tied into a powerful new drug about to flood the streets, if they can't find a way to stop it before its too late. Taking on a drug cartel isn't safe, but when passion ignites between them Taz and Bianca discover their hearts aren't bulletproof either.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Feb 19, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BULLET PROOF is a short, hot, sexy read by Avery Flynn, part of the MacKenzie Family series by Liliana Hart.

Bianca Sutherland is on a mission to find a missing friend, and this leads her to a private sex club, where she met the owner of her gym, Taz Hazard. To her surprise, he agreed to help her, and in the process, they couldn't get their hands off each other...

Bianca has been training in Taz's gym for six months, so they've known each other that long, although I'm not sure if they've done any "get to know" before the start of this novella. However, I think not. But both are attracted to each other since then, though they've denied it.

Bianca is a strong heroine. She could've been a pampered socialite and she could've gone on to have an easy life, but she chose to change her life so that she could help people. Her family background was touched upon, but not in any depth, so it's safe to say she had turned her back on it. She had insane chemistry with Taz, and whenever they're together, the scenes were hot, hot, hot. One warning though: there's a lot of sex scenes here for a novella.

The mystery/suspense is decently done, and reading this has fired my interest to see how it would span out. So yes, a cliffhanger here in that the mystery is not solved; in essence, we're only given a taste. While the villains in this book were dealt with, we know there's a mastermind who has not shown his face yet. And even as this is part of the MacKenzie Family series, BULLET PROOF is also the first book in a new series by Avery Flynn.

While this is a spin-off from the MacKenzie Family series, I don't see any MacKenzie in this novella, except that Bianca is also training with MacKenzie Security for her new role. Of course, since I haven't read any MacKenzie story prior to this, I could be wrong. Overall rating 3.5 stars.
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