Bearly There

Bailey Bradford
Bearly There
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Pride Publishing
Release Date
March 2016
Book 1 of City Shifters
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

One surly bear and one bunny boy…what could possibly go wrong?

Jagger Osterman is having a bad day. In fact, he's not the slightest bit impressed with 2015 at all. His job is on the line, and it's not like he loves being a marketing wunderkind, but he has to do something to pay the bills. If he had his way, he'd just vanish into the mountains and live out his life as the black bear he yearns to shift into. Unfortunately, Jagger doesn't have the time to let his beast run. He has responsibilities that he can't walk away from.

Kevin Kelly could tell Jagger a thing or two about bad days, bad years, and just out and out bad luck. He made the mistake of smarting off to a curandera years ago and hasn't been able to shake the curse she put on him yet. There's not an area of his life that hasn't been screwed up in one way or another. As a pronghorn shifter, he'd be okay on his own in the wild. Sure, there'd be predators, but Kevin had come to realize the worst predators were the human kind.

But he can't shift. He's been solidly bound to human form since being cursed.

Two men, both trapped in their own ways. They're about to find out that freedom comes in many forms.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Feb 24, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Two men are trapped by their lives in their own way but they are about to find out that freedom comes in many forms in this captivating paranormal romance.

Jagger is trapped by his not so wonderful life full of responsibilities and a job that is on the line, while Kevin Kelly is paying for a mistake that he made long ago and can't shake the curse that was put on him. The readers can't help but be captivated as both men grip readers by the heart as they attempt to reach for a happily ever after that neither really believes is possible. The chemistry and romance is sizzling with some sweet heat and flows from the pages with vivid clarity right along with all those emotional woes. There are also a few chuckles that erupt throughout as well. The scenes are well written, fast paced and flow smoothly with suspense and romance. The strong compelling characters draw readers into their story with ease and some spine tingling anticipation as they try to find a way to end Kevin's curse.

Can you imagine bears running loose in the city…how about sexy ones? Well, Bailey Bradford has done it again and given readers another great shifter romance series. I was completely caught up in the intriguing plot and I can't wait to for the next City Shifter book.
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