Cosmos and Commitment

Delancey Stewart
Cosmos and Commitment

Delancey Stewart
Release Date
September 2015
Book 3 of Girlfriends of Gotham
Romantic Comedy

The Girlfriends of Gotham are back in the third installment in the romantic comedy series that has been dubbed Sex and the City for a new generation! Join these hilarious friends for another adventure in Manhattan, filled with romance, cocktails and friendship.

Tamara Hunt moved to NYC to leave her past behind and make a name for herself in Manhattan real estate. She's kicking butt and taking names, until her past creeps up behind her—in the form of her tall, sexy horse-wrangling first love. When less enticing parts of her past start to infringe on the life she's built, will Tamara be strong enough to stick to her guns? Or will she let her past overrun her future? Or might there be a way to have her cowboy and the city, too?

Natalie Pepper is finally secure in her relationship with CJ, the man of her dreams. But his mentor—older, attractive Irene Halliday—can't seem to leave them alone. She comes back to the city to tempt CJ in more ways than one. Natalie must learn if she is strong enough to let CJ forge his own future, even if it means making mistakes. In the meantime, she might make a few of her own. Will their love bridge the gap between them, or will CJ and Natalie decide to go their separate ways?


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