Esmeralda and the Second-Hand Suitor

Hebby Roman
Esmeralda and the Second-Hand Suitor
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Estrella Publishing
Release Date
March 2016
Book 2 of Snowbirds
Contemporary Romance

What's a forty-year-old virgin doing in a predicament like this? Looking for a husband but not because she wants one. Shy and inexperienced, Esmeralda Garcia is terrified to be dating and would rather stay at home with her three cats. But her late father's will decrees she must marry or forfeit her orchard, her only means of support.
Hank McCall, as a romantic prospect, leaves a great deal to be desired. Twice divorced and older than Esmeralda, he wants to enjoy his semi-retirement and avoid being entangled in a long-term relationship again.
Scarred by their pasts and challenged by the gap in their ages, Esmeralda and Hank struggle with their mutual attraction and growing affection. When Hank is faced with losing Esmeralda or surrendering to her yearning to have a real family, their fates hang in the balance.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Jun 26, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Love is timeless.

Hank has been through two divorces and has been drifting since he lost his IT job. His first marriage broke up because he didn't want children and his second fell apart when he caught his wife in bed with his best friend. Having been given the boot by yet another woman after losing his job, he is now travelling the country in an RV and making ends meet by taking contract jobs. He has become lost, drifting through life. Then he stops in Texas by the Laguna Madre and meets Esmeralda. She blows him away and he thinks that love may still have a role in his life.

Esmeralda is desperate. According to her father's will, if she doesn't marry before her birthday, half her grapefruit farm and oil rights will go to her cousin. This means that she will no longer have enough money to live on. Having spent her entire life looking after her father and tending the farm, Esmeralda can't imagine any other life. The only problem is that she's also never had a man in her life and fears that she is too old for love.

Then Hank asks her to dance. Though leery of Hank's previous failures and afraid he is a fortune hunter, Esmeralda still allows him into her life. As their relationship develops, Hank helps Esmeralda understand her oil payments and Esmeralda brings Hank's ambition back to life as he wants to provide for her. Yet Esmeralda dreams not only of love but of a child. Has Hank grown enough to give her the life she wants?

Ms. Roman has a light and breezy style. She skims over the surface of the story and rushes readers to the finish line. This causes the story to lack depth. It has the broad strokes but lacks fine detail. There is a point where telling is needed. Scenes need to be set, characters developed, themes and symbols added.

Ms. Roman is very good at showing and if you are looking for a light, breezy read this is it. To be something more than a one-time read, the author needs to add more flesh to the solid bones of her story. She has hold of an interesting idea and it would be nice to see her fully develop it.
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