Heroes of Trasco County: The Complete Series

Tracey Steinbach
Heroes of Trasco County: The Complete Series


Tracey Steinbach
Release Date
October 2015
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Libby's Fireman is the story of a little girl, her mom and the fireman who falls in love with both of them. Libby is exuberant, outgoing and fearless. She's also six years old. When she gets stuck in a tree, trying to get her Barbie doll to fly, Jack comes to her rescue. Jack is immediately taken with the little girl. He loves children, going out of his way to help them whenever he can. In bonding with Libby, Jack gets to know Tara, her mom. Tara melts a little each time she sees Jack with Libby. She was attracted to him but now her heart is becoming involved. Little by little, the three of them become a family.

Two Firemen and a Lady
Mac loves his wife, Grace and would do anything for her. Anything includes asking their best friend, Travis over so they can seduce her. After all, they'd done it before and they had all enjoyed it. But Travis's true feelings for the couple come to light after their night of passion. Mac is then forced to confront his own feelings for Travis.
Grace gets some startling news that puts their new relationship to the test. Can they resolve everything and get back to being happy?

A Hero in Their Eyes
Chase is an EMT and Phil is a fireman. To someone who didn't know better, they appear nothing more than best friends. To the people who know them, they're so much more.
A major fire brings Rachel into their lives. Who knew one little art teacher could make such a big impression? Chase and Phil find out Rachel's up to something and vow to help her. The more they're around her, the more ‘friendly' they feel toward her. Do they pretend the opposite, invite her for play, attempt a relationship?

***This is a re-release of three previously published separate titles.***


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