Simple Blessings

Mary Manners
Simple Blessings

Pelican Book Group
Release Date
June 2016
Inspirational Romance

Charlene Cammon is an inspirational romance author who has lost her muse. In fact, following the failure of her own real-life romance, her muse is not just missing--–it's on life-support. Fearing she'll never complete another book, Charlene heeds the advice of her best friend, Brynn. She leaves the city for a summer sabbatical to a remote cabin in Crestview. There, she'll be removed from civilization and meet the book's deadline--…or so she thinks. Gage Kenner's life as an air-ambulance pilot is put on hold following the death of his brother. Raising his eight-year-old niece, Jenna, is more than Gage bargained for. A summer break at his cabin in Crestview might be just the ticket Gage needs to forge a bond with heartbroken Jenna. What Gage doesn''t bargain for is impetuous Charlene, who has taken up residence just over the knoll. Jenna''s needs bring Gage and Charlie together, and Charlie learns that sometimes, it's as fun to write a real-life romance as it is to pen one for the pages.


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