Marked By Sight

Melissa A. Smith
Marked By Sight


Silver Lined Books
Release Date
December 2015
Book 1 of Marked By Sight
Alternate Universe, Historical Romance, Young Adult Romance

Love, when blanketed by secrets, can damage the best of relationships. Especially when the secret keepers are your parents and the secret they keep is already widely known and was foreseen many years before.

The world has been awaiting word of her arrival for several decades.
As the next Great Oracle, it was foretold she would do many wondrous things. Her existence has been kept a closely guarded family secret. Even from her. However, when she is discovered, her greatest wish is to return to her former life of anonymity.

When Kivantia is told who she is, she is unwilling to believe her family could lie to her for so long. But after having several visions, she can no longer refuse to ignore her future. Or can she?

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