M. Garnet


Release Date
June 2015
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

There is an old Bloodline that is immortal, vampyres that protect against evil and yes, sometimes feed from humans. There is the Bloodline of humans who have survived and there are some who have found a way to live side by side with the vampyres. But can there be one female who is of a third Bloodline? So many things happen in ancient Europe before our written history.
Think about our history and it was a very long time ago in the European area that had not been divided into anything but small villages. Not many farm animals and not much produce, but an area that supported hard working individuals.
Individuals that learned to live together to protect each other from hard times and invaders. This was an area where humans and vampyres lived together, helping each other to survive and keep each other safe.
It would seem that life had settled down with humans that volunteer blood to the vampyres and the vampyres with their greater strength and senses in the dark could protect the humans. But there is always something to interrupt things that are moving too smoothly.
Like one female who is of a different color, red hair, that all the males, both human and vampyres desire. Then there is always evil who can call to the most beautiful male the gods put on earth to confront what depraved men can call from below.
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