Love is Silent

Icy Snow Blackstone
Love is Silent


Class Act Books
Release Date
January 2016
Historical Romance

When Anna Leighton, a teacher of the deaf, is sent to Mayfield Manor to instruct Lady Eleanor Woods' younger brother in sign language, she discovers her new pupil isn't a child as she supposed but an adult.
David Woods, twenty-seventh Baron Mayfield, has been deaf since the age of five. Now he's fast approaching his majority and a competency hearing a greedy cousin has filed in an attempt to get his inheritance. If Anna can teach David to communicate, it will prove him mentally capable but she first has to break through fifteen years of mental barriers. In the process, a quick-witted young man is revealed, eager to embrace the world Anna opens to himů

Unfortunately, David has his own ideas about that world, and they involved Anna in a very intimate way. He falls in love with his teacher and though Anna fights the feelings, she finds herself returning David's affection.
Is she betraying the trust of a na´ve student placed in her care, or is David more knowledgeable than even his sister suspects?
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