Shadow Slayer

Tony-Paul de Vissage
Shadow Slayer

Class Act Books
Release Date
September 2015
Book 7 of The Second Species
Paranormal Romance

How many women had he killed? How many of them looked into those icy eyes and were lost? Shuddered under his touch, wanting his caress even as that wicked blade took their lives?

When vampire Marek Strigoi was banished from Carpathius, his cousin Cézar was forced to take his place as the prince's assassin.

Two hundred years later, Cézar's still seething under the injustice of it all and he's nearly ready to rebel…

When he's sent to London to enforce the prince's justice, Fate has some surprises in store for the would-be rebel.

Cézar falls in love…with his victim.

Elle Hubbard is definitely receptive to a lustful vampire's enticements. She also has a tie to Cézar neither is aware of. Now more than ever, the Strigoi cousin has a reason to free himself from the prince's domination…or die trying.


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