Deception - Passion and Glory

Samantha Kaye
Deception - Passion and Glory

Savoy Press
Release Date
October 2015
Book 2 of Passion and Glory
Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance

Love blossoms for Nicolas and Sérolène...

Nicolas Montferraud, youngest son of the famous Marquis de Blaise has fallen desperately in love. Determined to follow his heart at any cost, he battles against his father's control and the objections of Sérolène's family, to court the beautiful vicomtesse.

But a hidden menace rears its head and Nicolas is marked for death. . .

Incensed by the marriage of Nicolas' older brother to a wealthy heiress and the impending return of the Marquis de Blaise and his family to France, the Prince de Robervalle, the sworn enemy of the marquis, is determined to take his revenge. Nicolas is his target. The Prince sends agents to the Colonies to kill Nicolas and settle an old vendetta.

Can Nicolas escape the trap set by the prince? And if he does, will Sérolène pay the price by being the next target?

Nicolas must fight for his life. But even if he succeeds, the assassins will come again until they complete their mission, and they have no scruples about using Sérolène as the lure to draw Nicolas out. Nicolas must protect himself and the woman he loves and find a way to cut off the head of the snake. His life and the fortunes of his family hang in the balance.


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