Not for a Moment

Toni J Strawn
Not for a Moment
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
May 2016
Book 3 of One Moment
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

It doesn't matter who started it—only who ends up on top.

One Moment, Book 3

Jess Langford wants nothing more than to live her own life. But a horrific accident she had a few years ago left her with…issues. And an overprotective brother who thwarts her every attempt at independence.

Secretly moving out of her college dorm, she celebrates her newfound freedom with a one-night stand with a man she thinks she recognizes. It's only in the light of the following morning she discovers the truth. It's someone with the power and connections to send her right back to the prison she just escaped.

Physiotherapy consultant Van Sheffield knows exactly who Jess is. Stubborn. Rebellious. Trouble with a capital T. In other words, the perfect candidate for his innovative rehabilitation program.

Loving her spark, the energy that makes her pick herself up every time she falls, Van sets out to do whatever it takes to harness Jess's strength of will. But he wasn't expecting her to push him so close to the edge of his control…or so close to losing his heart.

Warning: Contains a feisty lady with a stubborn streak a mile wide, and a man who knows how to deal with a certain pain in the butt.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 18, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'm in love with this series that takes a single, hot, wall pounding one night stand and develops it into a sweet (yet totally erotic) HEA.

Jess Langford is ready to shed the pitying glances and whispered conversations and start living her life. Two years after a devastating car accident that killed her mother and left her with a mangled leg, Jess is still walking with a limp and refusing to deal with therapy...or more accurately, therapists. Until she meets physiotherapist Van Sheffield, who doesn't just breach her defenses, he demolishes them over and over again, with a smile (and a few orgasms).

Jess is the most stubborn, obstinate woman that Van has ever encountered, and LORD that turns him on something fierce. He'll have to get very creative to get Jess to give him and his therapy a chance, but will his heart stand a chance by the time their time is up?

NOT FOR A MOMENT is the third book in the One Moment series by the talented Ms. Strawn, and I loved it as much as the first 2!! Jess was such a selfish, bratty bitch most of the book, but Van's persistence in spending time with her both in and out of the bedroom was epic. She needed someone like him who wouldn't let her walk all over him but also who knew exactly how to get her to do what he wanted and make it seem like it was all her idea. And an additional random fact: I kinda love the name Van, too.

The two of them had chemistry to burn, and once Van actually got to working on her therapy...fuggedaboudit. Through the roof. Their sex scenes were lessons in control and submission, but not in a BDSM way, but more of a bedroom games power play way. Sooooo hot!! And as annoyed I was by Jess' little hissy fit at the end, I'm very pleased by the outcome and her big DUH moment. It was a long time coming! I'm hoping that Jess' cousin Robert gets to tell his story one of these days, as I feel like he might have something fun to say.

Bottom Line: YUM YUM YUM, this book is delish! Do yourself a favor and pick up every book in this uber hot series!
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