Courage - Passion and Glory

Samantha Kaye
Courage - Passion and Glory


Savoy Press
Release Date
November 2015
Book 3 of Passion and Glory
Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance

Best Selling Author, Samantha Kaye, serves up action and adventure in this Award-Winning series.

The Montferraud Family sail in convoy for France…

Nicolas and Sérolène sail with their families to France where she is to complete her education, and he is to enter the most prestigious military school in Europe. But the young lovers occupy separate ships, an order by Nicolas' father, the marquis, to keep the cauldron of youthful passion from boiling over on the long voyage.

A villain on board ship sets his sights on the beautiful vicomtesse. On the escorting warship, Nicolas discovers that Ginestas, the agent his enemy has sent to kill him, travels with Sérolène and his father's ship. Powerless to protect his loved ones, Nicolas must warn them of the enemy. But a storm separates the convey from its escort and they find themselves amongst a patrol of enemy British warships.
As the sound of cannon fire echoes across the waves, the young chevalier gets his first taste of a battle at sea. But even if Nicolas survives the English, he must find a way aboard his father 's ship, before Ginestas makes his move against the vicomtesse and all hope is lost forever.


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