Katie's Wind

Jordyn Meryl
Katie's Wind
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Release Date
January 2016
Mainstream fiction

Does love always come as it should?
Or does it meet barriers that force it to change direction…
like the wind?
Not your average older woman, Katie Collins, newly widowed, embarks on her life as a librarian at a high school, of kids, books and adjusting to being alone. What she did not expect is the entrance into her life of a 25-year-old handsome young man who makes her want the passionate desires he stirs in her.
A sensible young man Enrique Alvarez is planning a future of getting his Masters, a career, marriage, kids. Smart enough to realize things happen, he tries always to be prepare. What he is not prepared for is the entrance of a woman into his life making him question the course he felt was clearly established.
A second chance at love, Katie's Wind is about the stages in our life dictating the choices we make. Sometimes there are sacrifices made because love encounters barriers that force it to change directions.

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