Beautifully Undone

Susan Griscom
Beautifully Undone
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Susan Griscom
Release Date
January 2016
Book 3 of The Beaumont Brothers
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

He was broken. Full of hate and sorrow.

He was the love of her life, but she could never have him.

"This book shattered me! My heart was ripped out of my chest. From the first heartbreaking chapter to the last word, this book is filled with passion and pain. Nothing is more beautiful then the love between two halves of a soul coming together. Asher and Melody are to amazing characters. Both so strong and so full of hurt. When that combination comes together you get earth shattering love." - Momma Says Read

Asher Beaumont never asked for much in life. All he wanted was to play his guitar,write music, and be recognized and loved by his father. Unfortunately,that last desire was never realized. The bastard died when Asher was just a kid.Then thirteen years later, his mother dies of a brain tumor, shattering him even more and leaving him hating everyone around him, except for his two best friends, Melody Stevens and her brother, Teddy.

Melody Stevens has crushed on her best friend, Asher Beaumont her entire life. But it's always been a secret passion. Never something she'd act upon. But when she tells Asher she's prepared--and determined--to lose her virginity to a guy he considers to be nothing more than a cad who sleeps with anything that wears a skirt, her best friend offers her a proposition she can't really refuse.

When Asher stumbles across a letter left by his mother before her death, begging him to seek out his half-brothers, he and Melody begin a journey of discovery. Their travels lead them to the two brothers he has spent his life despising because they had the life he always wanted. While on their trip, they discover a miracle they never, ever considered.

A stand-alone book in The Beaumont Brothers series with a HEA for Adults 18+

Book Review by Nadene R (reviewer)
May 26, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Every now and then I would come across a beautifully written story that reminds me of the reason I enjoy reading. BEAUTIFULLY UNDONE by Susan Griscom was one such story. I did not for a second doubt that I would enjoy this story. This unwavering trust was due to my experience with the previous books in the series. I was right to trust my heart on this one, as Ms. Griscom outdid herself with this installment. If I had to make a comparison of the books within the series, then I would have to say that this was my favourite.

From the moment I started reading, I knew I would be in for quite an emotional journey. The story was overwhelming. The emotions it elicited was raw and gut-wrenching. The writing was beautiful and the story came together perfectly. The story is told from alternate POVs. The author switched between POVs seamlessly which made the story easy to follow. It starts out with Asher's POV, allowing me to gain an instant connection to him. I felt his pain and understood his sense of loneliness, which stemmed from the recent loss of his mother. Thank goodness he had the support of his best friend, Melody to help him get through this difficult time. She was behind him every step of the way as such when he discovered that he had two half-brothers she encouraged him to seek them out.

I loved Melody's strength. She is the type of heroine who is not afraid to go toe to toe with her counterparts. Melody and Asher have been best friends since forever. They spent a lot of time together and they shared every detail of their lives with each other. Melody has been in love with Asher from as far back as she could remember. She was afraid to express how she felt for she believed that Asher did not see her in that light. I enjoyed the interaction between them both. It was evident that they cared for each other. I was rooting for their relationship. Asher failed to see that his feelings for Melody ran deeper than friendship. He would do anything to protect her even if it meant volunteering to be her first lover. When I saw the extent that he would go through just to spare her heartache and humiliation I knew right then and there how much he loved her. I loved how they both supported each other when it counted most.

This is a story of a friendship and love that has been tested and has conquered all obstacles. It beautifully depicts the themes of life, death, love, hope and healing. It demonstrates that we need to follow our hearts and that we should not waste time hating as it will only lead to loneliness and bitterness.

BEAUTIFULLY UNDONE is one of those stories that will stay with you forever.
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