Tymber Dalton
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2016
Book 33 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Kim has a trunkful of emotional baggage, but when she discovers BDSM, it's like everything suddenly seems clear. She feels blessed that her long-time boyfriend, Cole, is willing to walk that path with her and let her explore what she needs

Cole is definitely no sadist, yet his love for and trust in Kim means he has no problem turning her over to the handsome Dom, Mason. Besides, Mason's a nice guy, and he's gay…isn't he? Doesn't matter, because Cole enjoys watching Mason play with Kim. Doesn't hurt that Cole has sexy fantasies of his own about Mason.

Mason recently moved back to Florida and didn't expect to meet the newbie couple, much less get involved with them. Now he realizes this isn't just for play, it's for keeps. Unfortunately, when Mason's jealous, overzealous ex decides if he can't have Mason no one can, it means Kim and Cole still might lose the man they've both come to love.

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Apr 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Threesomes sometimes spring up organically, or is that orgasmic-ly?

Kim and Cole are a comfortable pair. Kim is out from under a bad marriage and is not looking to marry again. With Cole, she feels cherished and safe. She also wants to explore a little more into kink. Afraid of being chastised or ridiculed, she hesitantly broaches kink with Cole. To her surprise, he is tentative and willing to learn about it. Or at least what she likes about it.

Off to a munch, the two adorable newbies find themselves amongst the kinky "Suncoast group". They are quickly taken under more experienced kinksters and introduced into the fun of kink. One person who takes a special interest in them is Mason. Mason is finally back from his long hiatus outside of Florida and now he is back to stay.

The characters in this story are so realistic. Kim and Cole represent a fair share of interested newbies trying to learn the ropes. Cole's concerns about hurting a woman or hitting a woman is pretty common. Fortunately for him, he is able to understand Kim's needs and he finds a partner to share in this responsibility. Watching the beginning of a play relationship without sex is so good. Ms. Dalton does a great job showing how kink does not need to involve sex. And how lovers can have a different kink partner and it can still be without sexual relations. Now, as anyone who plays know, the intimacy of a scene can grow and sooner or later, sexual relations will need to be discussed. Fortunately for Kim, Cole and Mason, they openly communicate and find they have more interests aligning than not. The surprise twist for Kim and Mason is Cole's bisexual preference.

The relationship in this story between the three is what really pulls a reader in. Ms. Dalton creates likeable characters. They have feelings and motivations which make sense to the average person. They have similar fears and desires as the average person. This helps demystify kink and make it easier to understand for readers.

The conflict to this story is trademark Ms. Dalton. Why does there always have to be a cray-cray ex-lover? I am with Tilly here-- why do we seem to end up in the hospital more often than not? Do they have a frequent patient card this group can get stamped? And if they fill up the card with stamps, what do they get? Maybe pervert-able medical supplies and equipment? There is a thought. I digress.

The conflict is easy to spot from miles away. It is with dread as the big moment gets closer and closer. I am not shocked what happens to Mason. I do like that this major issue did not happen at the end of the book. Ms. Dalton at least gives us more story and how the triad comes together instead of splinters apart. This happily ever after is hard won for the three. Whilst this can be read as a standalone, it is better to read this series in order. Recommended for kinky romance readers who enjoy mmf ménage.
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