Shibari Presence - Van Zant #5

Roxy Harte
Shibari Presence - Van Zant #5
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Loose ID
Release Date
February 2016
Book 5 of Van Zant Siblings
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

When Alexandra's sister calls her fiancé in the middle of the night frantically in need of a shibari master, Alexandra learns yet another secret about Gabe and falls headfirst into his kinky past. Not realizing the emotional turmoil she is about to propel herself into, Alexandra insists Gabe be Jessica's rigger since he learned shibari from Jessica's husband and had bound Jessica in the past. A flight to Cape Hatteras begins Alexandra and Gabe's adventures with shibari and dominance and further strains the ménage à quatre.

Gabe isn't thrilled with Alexandra's plan, knowing his and Jessica's shared secrets go farther back than anyone realizes. Knowing it's about to get real, Gabe brings in a back-up rope master, Francisco Emanuel, to top Jessica because with Alexandra's high-risk pregnancy and bipolar disorder leaving her teetering closer and closer to the abyss, he fears tying Jessica in his rope may be the last straw.

Alexandra has her own ideas, demanding Gabe not only use the opportunity to share his love of shibari with her but demands he dominate her as well. Will the ménage dynamic implode when secret after secret are revealed? Or is the ménage more tightly bound than the four realize?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 20, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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We continue living out every woman's dream with Alexandra and her 3 attentive, adoring and sexy men.

Alexandra Van Zant, her fiancé Gabe Gowan, and their lovers Conor Larkin and Jonathon O'Donnell are living their lives as a happily committed ménage à quatre, with power exchanges and D/s games the essence of their lovemaking. Until she learns that Gabe once had a relationship with her sister Jessica, one where he used his status as a rope welding shibari master to bring her comfort and bliss. When the foursome heads to North Carolina so that Gabe can help Jessica, he also introduces Xandra to his ropes, inexplicably changing the ménage à quatre forever. Can the fab four survive this latest threat to their tenuous relationship, or will it mean the end of what they've been trying to build?

SHIBARI PRESENCE is the 5th book in the Van Zant Siblings series by the immensely talented Ms. Harte, and while it definitely wasn't my favorite in the series, it was still an emotional clusterf*$k that had me simultaneously asking BOB for a dance and wanting to throw my kindle against the wall. Alexandra is as messed up as ever, and now that she's pregnant, she's off all of her meds, making her bipolar disorder, ADHD and OCD as insistent as ever. When she lets Gabe use his shibari skills on her, he breaks her, and she becomes attached to him like never before, seriously hurting her relationship to Conor and Jonathon.

This book was different from the others in this series in a number of ways, but what stuck with me most was the change in Alexandra. She went from fierce, bad ass, insanely intelligent chick to meek submissive woman in a hot minute. Between her hiding her face when another Dom was in the room to crying her eyes out at the mere thought of losing Gabe's affection, this was not the strong and sure woman I've come to admire in other books. Additionally, there was no element of danger/suspense like I've come to expect from a book in the Van Zant Siblings series. I was also put off by a few things in SHIBARI PRESENCE, like the weird sex vibe going on between the foursome and Alexandra's sister Jessica as well as the constant diatribe about the tying of the ropes. In all, while I liked this book as one piece of the whole story, I was pretty disappointed in the story itself.

Bottom Line: While SHIBARI PRESENCE won't detract me from getting my next Van Zant Siblings fix, it was a big departure from what I've come to anticipate from this series and therefore somewhat of a disappointment.
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Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Apr 30, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If there has ever been a book that hooked me midway in a series, it has got to be Roxy Harte's SHIBARI PRESENCE. As the fifth book in the Van Zant Siblings series, there's a lot of hotness that I need to catch up on.

One of the unique aspects of the book is the fact that it centers around a menage a quatre, meaning one woman and three men. Interestingly enough, the Dominant/submissive roles aren't determined by gender. It was fascinating to see how the dynamic evolved between the group.

The title of this story refers to a very specific type of rope play used in the BDSM lifestyle. As the story illustrates, it requires a significant amount of trust. Much of the story focuses on the development of relationships among the four participants, both submissive and Dominant. Each encounter hits extremely high on the hot meter.

Although I was able to enjoy the story as a standalone, this is one that I would have loved to have started at the beginning. Even at this stage, there are plenty of secondary storylines that make me curious about what will happen next.
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