A Perfect Seduction

Dorothy Kane Liddle
A Perfect Seduction


Twisted Erotic Publishing
Release Date
September 2015
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Thirty-four year old Karen Cole experiences a rebirth when she is suddenly widowed from a loveless twelve-year marriage to a high school baseball coach. Her decision to accept a six-week fellowship to a prestigious art institute in Paris also secures a teaching position at the community college when she returns. Her life is complicated by the appearance in her life of Michael Fuller, a nineteen year old player on her late husband's team and an avid baseball card collector. Their attraction is mutual. Karen succumbs to her physical desires for Michael, believing it's a one-time affair, since she is shortly leaving for Paris.

The breakup is painful for both, and Karen continues to think about Michael, even as her arrival in Paris culminates in an immediate affair with the Institute's co-director, Laurent St. Gervais, the direct result of her recent sexual re-awakening with Michael. The affair is shortlived, though, when Karen learns from the Institute's other director Monique that Karen had been targeted to be Laurent's mistress from the beginning. Threatened by expulsion from the Institute and loss of her teaching position by refusing to accept Laurent's arrangement, Karen is saved by Michael's unexpected arrival in Paris.

The two realize now their love for each other is real, regardless of their age difference. Karen's dilemma with Laurent is resolved, when Michael reveals he is flush with cash from selling his lucrative baseball card collection. The money is sufficient to secure a loan to buy out Laurent's share of the Institute, making Monique, Karen and Michael the new partners. With Monique as director, Karen as instructor and Michael as the archivist and cataloguer, they all live happily ever after in Paris


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