Where There's a Will

Cari Z.
Where There's a Will
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Riptide Publishing
Release Date
May 2016
Book 3 of Panopolis
Action/Adventure Romance, Alternate Universe, LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Being a Hero in Panopolis means living the high life: parties, money, influence, even reality television. And I'm one of the most powerful Heroes in the city. I have plenty of fans, a manager who looks out for me (after himself), and a job that pays the bills. I should be enjoying myself.

Unfortunately, the downside of my superpower means I can't touch anyone, which tends to put a damper on things. I probably don't deserve all those perks anyway, since I'm working in secret with two of Panopolis's biggest Villains to undermine GenCorp—my main sponsor and the company that controls what gets through my force field.

I obviously don't trust my corporate overseers, but they've hired a new scientist who actually seems interested in helping me. Dr. Mansourian might have the answers to all my questions—not to mention a starring role in most of my dreams—but he's hiding something big. If I let him have what he wants, I might not live to regret it.

Then again, the way things are going in Panopolis these days, I might not live either way.

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Mar 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The tales of the heroes and villains of Panopolis continue to intrigue and entertain.

As one of the most popular heroes around, Craig Haney, a.k.a. Freight Train, should be thoroughly enjoying his life. Unfortunately, his deep sense of loneliness takes a front seat. After an accident, he was converted from a human cop to a super hero surrounded by an impermeable force field. It's great that bullets and knives can't touch him, but it also means no other person can touch him.

Fortunately, Dr. Ari Mansourian, who now works for GenCorp, is very interested in learning more about the force field to see if he can offer Craig more options. One of those options might just be to get rid of the force field and let Craig lead a normal life again. That possibility leads to a lot of introspection for Craig while he thinks about his future.

We also learned more about GenCorp, Craig's employer, and the things they had to deal with behind the scenes as a hero. Issues with co-workers, managers, and sharing the spotlight added an interesting and realistic twist to typical superhero day.

Although the story didn't offer as much as the others in the way of humor, I did enjoy the deeper insight into the personality of Freight Train. He was an interesting character and fit well with Ari. I also liked visiting with Bombardier and MasterMind again. SuperTruther plays an even bigger role in this story and really goes out of the way to question what's happening behind the scenes. This author writes great action sequences, and I can never get enough.

I've really enjoyed the first three stories in this series, and I hope the author continues to build stories in this world.
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